Web Page Design Help - J34

Hi Blitzers. J34 is looking to set up a Webpage which provides access to the information we have accumulated over the past nearly 9 years. We believe that this information should be available to everyone to access now and in the future. The injustice should never be forgotten.

We are therefore looking to identify someone who can help us put together a J34 webpage that is intuitive, factual, compulsive and entertaining.

As all but one of J34 is based in Melbourne it would be preferable that the person(s) are based here also as we would like to be able to conduct initial discussion in person. However, if an interested person from interstate/rural areas is keen to help and can do so online then we would like to talk to them as well.

Just send me a message if you are interested. This is not an urgent project as it is important that the webpage meets our needs and the important information is made available to all.


Useless with IT but extremely supportive of the concept. Would be happy to chip in if funding required.


Me too. :+1:

@bomber5au excellent idea mate. Of course very willing to donate money to make it happen.

Yay. We have someone to help us establish a J34 webpage.

Thank you to those who have offered to chip in as well. We are not sure of total costs yet, but we do have some funds to get it started.

Our next step is one of website design. Just have a look at the Sorry Saga thread (s); they are massive. There is so much information/data/opinions/links to compile.

So, J34 are looking for ideas on how to design this website so it’s intuitive, factual, compulsive, entertaining but most importantly, easy to obtain the information one is most interested in.

Our initial thoughts are to group events together in chronological order. For example:

  • Blackest day in sport,
  • MSM and AFL leaks prior to the ASADA investigation,
  • The ASADA investigation etc.
  • etc

What do you think? Is this the best approach? How do we present this? J34 would very much appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Please provide website examples if possible



Are there similar Justice campaigns we could model the website on?

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If you rank it chronologically it would be really hard for people to find specific info they may be searching for.

I suggest something that has a radial design. You could have spokes coming out for individual subjects (simple “facts”; political interference; ASADA corruption; WADA/IAC; media; response of EFC, BB& J34, etc). Add a golden spoke for Francis’ efforts

Then the spokes could have “milestones” that could be clicked on. Each spoke/major subject could also be clicked on going to individual pages with sub-headings and chronological arrangements within that area

Here is another suggestion: why not try to enrol Honours students in history, media studies, politics, etc to research a particular area for their Honours project? They could condense info fro the Saga threads and elsewhere for use on the website.


Thanks for the ideas AT. Can you identify websites that you have found to be well designed and easy to navigate. For instance the Government Covid Information sites are terrible with links to other sites etc. etc. On the other hand I have always found the Bomberblitz site to easy to navigate.

We would probably need a separate website for Bruce’s work.