Welcome back to Essendon - Paddy Ryder

Loved Ryder as a player.

I also love the idea of the whole Ryder and Essendon story having a happier ending than what it currently does.


I don’t want to see anyone who hated him, pretend like they’re happy he is back. You are not a whipped dog. Fark him.


I’m hearing reports Sarah’s mum has a job in the coffee shop :rofl::joy::joy:


Liked Ryder as a player. Blame his manager more than him for the circumstances around his departure. Glad to have him back in some form.

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Yep Paul Connors gets his players to their destination by any means, made a name for himself in the Ryder trade period.

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You can leave the club. But how he left?

Glad I didn’t renew my membership.


Not sure how anyone can blame any of the players from the saga for wanting to leave. He doesnt owe us anything after what transpired and impacted his career.

I would welcome him back to help the indigenous kids and also provide ruck advice to Draper and Bryan.


He would help Bryan / Draper in the forward positioning too as a forward / ruck and being able to get around the ground.

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I can appreciate the varying opinions on this, personally, if it ultimately helps team performance (due to the indigenous players feeling more comfortable and supported) then I don’t have a problem with it.

We’re almost at the stage where there are no players left at the club from the Saga era anyway so it’s not like they’d be upset with him being back at the club.

Not just the sage era, but the Ryder era at efc.

Heppell & Zach Merrett played with him.

Hibberd, Daniher, Fantasia, Colyer are all elsewhere

Tokenism! Typical of Essendon.

Hammer Nail GIF - Hammer Nail Oh Caiste GIFs

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Fark off Judas.


What’s Adam McPhee up to?

I thought Dean Rioli’s elevation was also to encompass Indigenous Welfare? If so, Ryder is definitely surplus to requirements!

Interesting to note that the tweet has been deleted :eyes:

Patty failed the Blitz pub test so has been cancelled.


The best 2nd ruck weve got.

“Gather round fellas… so listen, it’s all good being laconic and deciding when you want to show up to play hard, but if you really want to f*ck the club, then wait until they’re playing their first winnable final in about a decade and then you…”