🎉 Welcome to discourse.bomberblitz.com


Delete if meant to be a secret, he’s been jet setting for work.


thats what i was getting at. see that tomorro re-branded.


I agree, very disappointing. Best part used to be the anticipation and build up and the fun had in the threads… but to be down for around 6-7 hours on such a big day…and it’s a regular occurrence…been a common theme that big audiences on this site equals crash and if Rolo can’t afford a decent upgrade then I’m sure there will be some that would.


usually we had to go reimers mode after the climax or disappointment.


We do need to move the site from a Commodore 64.

It’s time.


i’m not donating ■■■■.

i want it free, and i want it perfect. A$AP.


obviously i’m just muckin around


I was a night mode!

  • Blitz does just enough ad revenue during trade period to pay for the rest of the off-season.
  • Today’s traffic was the equivalent of what Blitz gets for 30 minutes after we bottle it against Carlton, but for about 18 straight hours.
  • So should we scale the server to a capacity that it can serve those 18 hours of traffic and be comprehensively over-served for the remaining 364.75 days a year? Maybe. I know the host we’re on can’t scale back down so I’m hesitant to.
  • Also, last config change I made seemed to correct issues with huge ramps in load. I thought Blitz has been quite stable for awhile. But today’s traffic load exceeds anything we’ve seen in years, even last year’s trade period.
  • Problem today exacerbated by all traffic in one thread. Forum handles a stack of traffic to a number of threads but not all posters on one thread like it was today.
  • I don’t have all the answers ¯\(ツ)


Had a feeling spreading the load across a couple of threads may have helped


just curious -
What were the actual number of users on here today during peak period?
And members vs non-members?
How does that compare to previous great moments in BBlitz?


Whats the cost difference?


Anyway of only letting members on only?
Would that trim numbers back much?


@riolio, you’re alive??!


Thanks for the update @Riolio . I’m worried that blitz might be permanently down if Essendon win a flag though.




Not sure, … but I think you gave the answer.

New host that allows you to expand server bandwidth when needed??


I don’t want to ■■■■■ but ■■■ I thought the reason we put up with being the censorship being a ■■■■, sometimes a complete pain in the ■■■■, was because it could handle the traffic.


but that’s not what yachts are built for.