Welcome to Essendon - #49 Jaiden Hunter - cower before him, 2024

He showed so much potential that I reckon he would have got a game, particularly the way the Weed is playing

Sure, if you never want to be competitive and enjoy playing Sunday twilight games


We dont know of they did, and if they did it might be because it was innacurate or because they are supposed to announce it publically first.

Players that have nominations from a few clubs go through an AFL medical.

I think there was only 12 or so that had one this year?

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Yes it does.

Maybe we should be doing our own medical assessments from now on. (not an ironic comment)

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure this will be covered under statutory warranty…

(But in in all seriousness - how frustrating for Jaiden)

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Im lost re this… so some independent doc looks at his file, all good (other than as reported knee issues etc) then he gets injured/sore after games and we discover he had a pre excisting back injury? So it was either hidden from club (not good) or he did not know and our docs found indications his back not good for a while which means the independent doc was asleep at the wheel. Not sure how it happens but bottom line we short changed either way



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Independent doc?

Honestly feel it is only fair we get another pick if the injury was sustained prior to the draft.


Maybe the AFL has a 30 day returns policy?

Hopefully Disco kept the receipt


Well they do an AFL medical on the players right ? and said no issues with this player…hold up

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“They really drafted me!? I can’t believe the independent doctors didn’t find these stress fractures!”

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clubs frequently trade and draft players with prior injuries if they think they can manage and mitigate them and their potential recurrence

you are giving far too much credit for an AFL medical examination to be able to pick up on countless possible underlying physiological conditions that may or may not cause, or reggravate, injuries in players

take hairline fractures - usually diagnosed via x-rays, MRIs or CT scans - do you think that as part of a routine medical, the AFL is
a) going to pay to run MRIs on dozens and dozens of players prior to being drafted, and
b) is going to even be able to book MRI machines to do that, considering the ones they use are also shared by the entire national health system?

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It was back stress bone issues, should of been prevalenet

at what point of the medical examination do you think the AFL examiner should have picked it up?

In all due respect, hey not stacking shelves at woolies mate, stress fractures should be picked up in medical. Not hard, its 2023

so what part of the medical do you think they would detect stress fractures in?