Welcome to Essendon - #49 Jaiden Hunter - cower before him, 2024

He doesn’t have stress fracture either

It’s a hot spot/stress reaction- that could turn into a fracture


Might well be MRI, , cost between 300 and 1000… peanuts in club land

Sounds like something SMJ would say.

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That’s what it costs if you actually need one, and the taxpayer had picked up most of the tab.

so you think the standard practice for an AFL/club medical is to MRI a player they want want to acquire?

do you think every single club orders a full body scan for every single player they’re considering trading for every year? do you think the AFL does the same for the couple of hundred potential draftees at the end of every year?

where do you reckon they keep the dozens of MRI machines they’d need to do that, basement of AFL House?


No need to be like that mate its only my opinion that should of been picked up. I would of thought recruitemnt of a potential 21YO with decent injury history would warrant more thorough testing. They probably did his knees. Maybe not all that practical but its how i see it.

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This back injury would have been a time bomb that would’ve been very easy to miss in the medical, very feasible that jaiden could have been completely asymptomatic at the time of the medical or he may have omitted mentioning any discomfort to maximise his likelihood of getting drafted. This is just a bit of a ■■■■ happens kind of moment, noone needs blaming.

Agreed, cost aside, MRI are a very limited and useful medical resource. Not particularly appropriate to clog up the already very stressed system with asymptomatic screens.

Fair call

With our history of talls with back issues you’d think we would send any and all tall prospects for back scans before drafting them now


Oh get over yourself. 12 lines of whining about your “entitlement” and how it affects you.

Not one word of sympathy for the kid himself about his injury.

They reported the injury a few hours after he had scans and diagnosis made. What more do you want?


If you want to be really thorough you should MRI, XR, CT, angiogram, ECG, bloods, urines, hormonal profiles, nerve conduction study, psychological profile.
$60,000 and a few weeks/months for a guy you might pick up as a rookie? Sure why not?


Not required but given it is a recurring back injury, a quick check of his medical history might have been worth it

Except it is and wasn’t a recurring back injury.
He had a bit of a sore back - the same as 4 million other Australians on any given day.
You’re also working on the assumption that his LBP wasn’t 1) investigated at all* and 2) wasn’t taking into consideration at all when we drafted him.

*Even if we did an XRI, MRI and CT the likelihood of detecting a “hot spot” before it has actually deveoped would have been 0% anyway as scans can’t be used to predict injury.


I think all prospective players should fly to the USA to undertake NASA medicals/training to assess their suitability to play.

players should forfeit the first 60k of their salary for the medical eastie outlined

Injury update: Jaiden Hunter (essendonfc.com.au)

Essendon can confirm mid-season recruit Jaiden Hunter was sent for scans today for a full assessment on a recurring back complaint.

The scans revealed he has a back stress fracture and could miss the remainder of the AFL season.

From the club, recurring back complaint. Must have been a pretty cusory medical assessment

The injury was sustained prior to joining Essendon despite clearing independent AFL medical assessment ahead of the AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft.

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I know a dietician at work failed her air force medical a few years back (found a benign brain aneurysm).
Can probs ask her what was involved and do the math on what the cost was there.

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In the medical world for something to be recurring it needs to have gone and come back. To say it’s recurring implies it’s something he had previously, recovered from, then it’s become problematic recently.
From all the other reports he’d had a sore back from earlier in the year and it’s gotten worse so they’ve scanned him (which would be defined as ongoing).

you may be correct but it he had it ealier in the year and it got worse then why the hell was he still playing