Welcome to Essendon - Ben McKay

Has he ever been tried forward in the AFL? He called himself a forward in his draft video.

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Should stiffen up our defence, good pickup

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He brings something that BZT never had, on field presence.

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Great. At last a tall, massive, strong lock down defender to replace the Ambrose role where required. A better player than Ambrose, and 10cm taller.

LOL, he may not even be needed if Geelong show Hawkins the door. Apparently many Geelong players have been taking pay cuts and Hawkins is not happy AFL footy has not made him rich.

But there are plenty of other big tall forwards for Ben to take out. The one I worry about are the fast leading types, once they get a break away, there’s no way Ben Mackay will catch them. On the other hand if he happens to land on top of them, they will know about it.
202m tall and 105 kg. Ouch !

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This 1000%

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Ben McKay Forward or Back?

Oh… No.

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We turned Weid into a backman so Big Ben can play forward


I do remember watching a VFL game many years back where he toweled us up playing forward. Clunked everything.

6 years for an average back man.

This can only end well.



I’m sure it will be fine


Also, nicking 2 of North fans favourites is amusing.
Wait til we pinch Cheezels in a few years

Welcome Andrew McKay

Big Ben Joins the Bombers (essendonfc.com.au)

6 years

Lmao Crying Laughing GIF - Lmao Crying Laughing Lololol GIFs



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Looks good in the sash!

Hoping this move releases Ridley and allows Lav to take a more suitably sized foward each week.

He’s not perfect by any means, but I think this was a good piece of recruiting.


Along with Reid along side him for the future with Ridley cleaning up and being our general in the arc

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