Welcome to Essendon - Ben McKay

Get into my backline you big hunk of man meat

I reckon he and Ridley are going to form a great team down back

6 years is insanity though


I don’t know, the last guy we brought in on a big 6 year deal was Shiel, and that worked out well…




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Is his nickname Elizabeth Tower?


If you’re reading this Ben. Shave the rest of that hair off and Mick Martyn this ■■■■■.

Dont spoil my fun with technicalities

Looking forward to the club website video, and the recruiters referring to him as “a big lump of a lad”

I remember a lot of blitzers criticising dodo for not having taken one of the McKay boys.

Now we get one for free.

Welcome young man to a quality team. Looking forward to seeing you scrag, block, punch, mark with the red sash on


6 year deals is the new 4 year deals.

Hopefully it’s heavily front loaded. But Shiel staying may have limited our ability to do that

Obvious need.

Will grow under Scott.

Now he needs to build a partnership with his mate Ridley and the infectious Baldwin.

I think a back six with Ridley McKay, Ridley t McGrath, Redman and Dursma could be as good as any going round.

I see massive upside with Baldwin & McKay.

Premierships are built from defence.

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I’m happy with McKay and I think that we need a big body defender like him, but on what planet is he worth pick 3?

Free agency is a farce. All that trade period should involve is the trading of players and draft picks between clubs.

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He’s worth pick three because we decided to make him one of the 2-3 highest paid players on our list. If we were paying him what he’s worth, north would have got compensated for what he’s worth.


I would guess the plan wasn’t to pay him so much. But the Hawks came late with the stupidly high offer which forced our hand

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This is the best Ben since Ben Doolan.

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We needed a big back pillar, Ben is it. Go have fun torturing forwards with your mate Ridley and Andy Mcgrath nipping at your heels. Pick 3 is ludicrous but hey…. it’s the AFL

Roos supporter at work is stoked. Said he had one good game this season and it was against us.

Get around him though now I guess

Are we doing a full list overtake of North?


Its just a thinly veiled opportunity for the AFL to prop up the ■■■■ clubs.

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