Welcome to Essendon: James Hird

We need a competent senior coach, as we currently don’t have one.


FFS let James be happy. He doesent need this sh#t


You started before midday, didn’t you?

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until james puts a stop to the him coaching discussion it won’t end.

I think we should publicly tell fans he will be coming to the B&F but then privately ask him not to come.

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It’s clear that some very powerful people at the club are making moves to try to get him back.

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Next President.

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evidence my dude.

I don’t think he will come back but I’d love him back. It’s the only time since Sheedy that we’ve been good.

Tom Browne reported that a move back to The Hangar is potentially on the cards. Must be true then :joy:

And I’d welcome him back with open arms! An absolute legend of the club and deserves the right to right the wrongs of the past.



Did I miss anything?


Next coach.

Please no. The only way I would even give it the slightest consideration is if he went somewhere else to be an assistant coach first

Just put it all to bed james and say you will never coach Essendon again

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I don’t get this mythology about him being some sort of great coach.

He resigned when we were 5-14 for the season in 2015.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the logic of wanting him back…the romance of it all…yeah…but not the logic

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The logic?!check the win/loss ratio.

When did we last look like a team that wasn’t a pile of vomit?

Yep…checked it…5-14 in his last season

2018 after round 8

This is a man who less than 2 years ago tried to kill himself.

FFS leave him alone.

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He can do as he wishes, he owes us nothing, we owe him everything

And we need him.

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Would have him in in a heartbeat

Do you think there just might hav been some extenuating circumstances?

What was Worstfold’s ratio in 2016?