Welcome to Essendon - Luamon Lual

Lots of strengths as a small defender but only 57% kicking efficiency.

Go well Luamon


Welcome young man!


Luamon Lual

SNAPSHOT: “An aggressive rebounding defender, Luamon Lual is a player who looks to keep the game moving forward at all costs, running it as far as he can and following up with typically clean ball use”

A member of the Western Bulldogs Next Generation Academy, Luamon Lual’s traits and performances this season mean it looks unlikely the Bulldogs will get the opportunity to match a bid, with the rebounder looking likely to be selected prior to pick 40.

Lual has been a mainstay in the GWV Rebels for the past two seasons, doing the bulk of his work from the defensive 50 but looking promising in brief stints through the midfield and on the wing, which is just another aspect of his game that will have AFL clubs interested.

Throughout the pathway, Lual earned representative honours and even captained Vic Country in last year’s Under 17 Futures dig, before slotting into the Under 18 side this year.


  • Athleticism
  • Competitiveness
  • Reading the play
  • Rebounding
  • Run-and-carry


  • Disposal consistency
  • Strength

One of the highest upside prospects in the pool, Lual’s athleticism is a very appealing trait for AFL clubs to go along with his already well developed game. Lual has done the bulk of his work for GWV and Vic Country over the last couple of seasons in the backline, but has also shown some promising glimpses when pushed further afield into the midfield or on a wing, utilising his athleticism in more damaging positions with less accountability for a direct opponent.

Lual has shown flexibility in his role in the backline as well, playing with more offensive flair and pushing further up the ground when his team possesses the ball. There, he is capable of intercepting closer to the forward 50 to quickly hurt opposition on turnover, doing much of his best work facing forward or when carrying the ball. Meanwhile, his one-on-one ability and defensive craft when playing a bit closer to the defensive goalsquare are also evident. Lual was given a bit of freedom off half-back for Vic Country in their game against Metro in arguably his best outing for the National Championships, providing plenty of drive further up the field and even getting himself on the goal kickers list.

While highly touted as a bottom-ager, improvement throughout the season has been a big tick for Lual, gradually getting better with his balance between the offensive and defensive side of his game. He remained impactful when his team was both in and out of possession, and judged when to play fast or when to slow the game down better as the year went on.

Consistency in his ball use also saw improvement the longer he played, although it remains an area for improvement, Lual was hitting more targets, particularly through congestion, than he had done early in the season, seeing his efforts more often rewarded with forward 50 entries or scores.

Whilst he is a capable one-on-one player and very competitive when the ball is there to be won, Lual would benefit from some focus on his strength to make him a more consistent ball winner, with opposition players moving him off the ball or nudging him out of marking contests a little too easily at time.



There is little doubting Lual’s draft credentials, but the question hanging over him will be whether he makes it past pick 40 – so as to allow the Western Bulldogs to match a bid on their NGA graduate. Lual has arguably showcased enough talent and potential to justify being picked within that range, but the evenness of the draft makes that no guarantee. For any club looking to snap him up, he offers traits typical of modern day defenders and has plenty more room for improvement.


Good doco on him that, must watch.

Seems a great kid who’s gone through plenty.

He will go far.


Hopefully we can squeeze every bit of lemon I mean talent out of the lad.


Im very excited by this kid welcome aboard young fella.

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Everyone will be happy with this pick addresses list needs

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How can I do a spoonerism on this guys name ? Me likey



You realise you are on Blitz right?


57% kicking efficiency doesn’t sound great, but we all know that is only one part of the story. If he’s taking on risky/adventurous kicks, his efficiency will be lower than a guy who is slow, sideways/backwards kicking to uncontested targets that gets you nowhere and stops momentum (Heppell, Kelly). He’s got some raw speed and evasive running. We need some excitement and a bit of aggression off there. Hopefully this kid is it.


Not sold on this selection.


Well that didn’t take long


Replacement for Hind…:sunglasses::+1:

Looks good to me

Nice pick, great choice. I wanted Jiath with 31 until we traded it, but Lual probably plays more like CJ than Tew does, and yes always nice to get a player another club is hoping slides from their academy!


When’s our next pic 60 something?

His kicking improved all year, with room for improvement.

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86, unless we trade back in.

Cool, let’s get another guelfi