Welcome to Essendon Stephen Coniglio and Josh Kelly - Dodoro In God We Trust

Two great mates in Smith and Shiel now at Bomberland. Will we be in the hunt given that Coniglio is a restricted free agent next year and Kelly is out of contract? #In god we trust- Dodoro

You need to - at the very least - add a question mark to the thread title.


This will last a while

One year of this! Who else is keen?

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Without the picks mate, it’s definitely not happening. Don’t torment yourself all year.

EDIT: Unless he’s a Free Agent (which I am not sure about).

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Nah, that would leave it open to possibility… Bullish

RFA mate

In any case, i’m sure they would match the offer and force a trade (Not that we have any room in the Salary Cap to afford him)

Let’s start another thread about Josh Kelly

Dodoro will find a way… In god we trust

This did work for Mitch Brown.

Smaller fish, sure. But it still worked.

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Your boy Schorch,if we get him.lol

I’ve amended it slightly.

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I’ve also made a small tweak

Not Whitfield dont care.

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You trust in a “god”?

Watch nothing happen.

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Do we really need to bother getting in more topline guys now? Can we afford it both in picks and salary cap.

I think we’ve got enough talent on the list now to beat anyone.
Unless guys like Langford and Parish start going backwards we don’t need anyone else.

I’d prefer to save the money and keep the blokes we do have as they develop further and demand more money.
Plus start building from the draft so we can sustain the success we’re going to have with this list.

I expect we’ll have fringe guys by the end of next year who will be going very well who can’t get a regular game or at least not in the role they want. We’ll gain more trade currency to have some decent picks in the draft next year