Hello BomberBlitzers,


So sometime between when I went to bed at 12.30am after the Blitzcast and when I woke up at 5.30am, Blitz died.


In other times the old forum software has thrown up corruption errors but this time it was giving us nothing. I've been wanting to upgrade our forum software for awhile so this was the time to do it!


Where is everything?


Gone. It's still in a DB somewhere that perhaps one day we will repair. For now though I've saved as much as I can of the user info.


How do I login?


Reset your password. Passwords couldn't come across.


I don't like how it looks


This is the stock skin. I wish I had setup this first and then revealed it to you all but these are the times we live in.


But Jon Ralph said...


I don't care.


Is this permanent?


Not sure yet. Enjoy "Blitz".

How many passwords do I reset?

what a KENT of a day!

Wow, no BB for a day was tough! Thanks for your hard work.

Did Caroline Wilson do this? I blame Caroline Wilson.


So how does this forum thing work?

Man this new software looks like crap.

First page!

I like the option for a mobile version.

Thanks for making a new forum :slight_smile:



There. ■■■■■■■ fixed.

Oh, my eyes!

Where are we?

Is this the colour scheme of our new clash strip?

Changed email since 2005, never updated on blitz! Damn blitzcrash, now I’m a newbie :frowning:


Give Rolo a chance to add in the filters!




Paste the link to a Youtube video, have it auto-embed.

Can I start an ASADA thread for someone to delete? Just for old times' sake.

hmmm this is strange indeed