Westing Wuckman Goes Ape

Monster country game, hey? So that's what he does all year.

Yowies vs bunyips

tOO funny. Underrated post etc… etc…

Don't rule out he ends up on another AFL list

Would be staggered if he did. He’s cooked.
On paper he’s a 29 year old delistee from a club that has been non competitive for years, has rocked up to preseason 3 times out of shape and has a horrid injury history.

Crows are interested

So are Gold Coast, they could do worse for their culture than get Demps at their club

Dear Gold Coast Suns membership department,

You are all dickheads and you have completely ■■■■■■ your club.

This is despite having a stupid amount of head orifice support from Pat Fitzmichael et. al…

However, should you wacwuit Cour-Ten-Ay Dempsey, formerly of Essendon, then I would pledge to join your fledgling institution as a member, and come to home games, and YELLL loudly, but respectively, at Carara Stadium. Unlike all of your other meek and ignorant supporters. Especially when DEMPO has got the ball.

Wisting Wickmin

Another much maligned great clubman Mark Bolton helped him through all that btw.

FFS mate. I only have SO MANY tears that I am able to shed in this thread. FFS. weep, weep

Oh oh, that Grainmaster things looks rockin, then I find something called PicoBrew and BrauMeister, this could get real ugly
Honestly, so far Im pretty happy with the robobrew, but you could get the same result boiling and and mashing with care in any old thing. Im still glad I went own this way. Because robobrew only has a heater at the bottom and no recirculating pump, I just get to mash temp and turn it off and cover it with a few blankets to maintain temp. I might lose 3-4 degrees in the hour, so I start out a smidge higher to compensate. Also the immersion chiller not the best, does a good job initially, but as the water temp here is probably about 24 degrees, its hard to get to the fermentation temp here in QLD. I might need to get a plate chiller and immerse in ice to speed that process up a little. But really 2 brews in and I cant say any of this seems to have affected the output quality to my taste anyway. I also have a thermostat controlled fridge as a fermenter which is a must for constant ferment temp and also for chilling down prior to bottling. Robobrew is a poor mans version of whatever, but it does and OK job, easy to use and really easy to clean. Batch size is a bit small as well. It says 35 liter, but the batch size in reality, maybe 25 litres max. I get equivalent of about 4 cartons out, so with a 10 day brew plus 5 day chill and then bottle ferment, its hard to get the supply constant. I might need to double up on some brews, and then cube a few so I can keep the fermenter constantly full. Problem with home brewing is people line up for a taste so it is going pretty quick at the moment

LOL. It’s the complete opposite of the old Billie Holiday ‘Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out’.

I dunno. If you're going to draft a player like Gach and then delist him after a year, there's no point drafting players like that at all. My estimate was that he'd probably start playing some decent vfl footy later on in his second year. He was ALWAYS going to be a genuinely long term project.

Unless his work ethic/training/attitude/off field behaviours haven’t been up to scratch, I really don’t see the logic here.

Someone on Blitz must know more about this. Pretty please tell us outright give us a few vague hints with no sauces. (I am not taking the piss, I would be most gwateful. Cuwious Westing Wuckman Wants to Know. Pwetty Pwease. With Sugaw on top.)

After yesterday, I am getting the feeling that Woosha, has locked in who he wants locked in, and things might be a bit less touchy feely from here on.

I think we will see more of the hard nose Woosha, and it will be more of a case of: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

So if you’re not ready, and the VFL environment isn’t the best place to get ready, then go somewhere else and come back when you are ready.

And regardless of where he ends up, I hope Gach does well.


Burnt Cabbage

Quol-ity thread. Rich and Compelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllling.

Party guells, don’t get hurt. Can’t feel anything. When, will I learn? I push it down. Push it down. Push it dowowowowowowowowowow Jones.

Some time ago I had my grandson's jumper signed by Zerrett, Will was standing behind Zach. To my shame I avoided Will thinking he wouldn't be there for 2016 let alone 2017. Sorry Will, all the best and I am a fan, really. Sorry to see you go.

You need to live in the moment. Maybe swallow the little book of carm.

You okay, big guy?

W1 <3 WW

Way Out West

Way Out West

Where the wain don’t fawl?

The dwugs are working

He was up all night, wasn’t he?
tsk tsk

Wiving in the wild wild west

Wegwets, I’ve had a few, but then agwin, few to many

Welease Wodger

Welease Wodger

But he’s a pickpocket

Welease Wodger

Bring back Biggus?

Welease Wodger