What Annoys You More

Not this woman.not as long as Pete ■■■■■■■ Evans is on the show


When you haven’t had a holiday for 2 years and you’re about to go on a cruise only for the kids to break out in hand foot and mouth the day before you leave. :frowning: :pensive:

If you can think of a better person to activate my almonds, I’d like to hear about it.

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If you want bowels, rather than almonds, Pete’s the man.

Nah, his diet is likely to “deactivate” your bowels.

But he himself will activate them, ie he gives me the sh!ts.

Leaf blowers are disproportionately loud to the size of the machine that that are.

3000 lawn mowers and 4287 jack hammers all sounding off at the same time are less noisy.

I’m a bit like that with Miso soup. One bowl is fine, more than that is iffy.
How much Pete Evans are you gulping down?

A bout of food poisoning is making me lose the will to live.

And fark Carlton.


Good preparation for AFLX

Don’t come visiting Singapore anytime soon then. I think a bargain beer is getting a stubby for $12.

Oh I had shock flying back from Vietnam(50c to a dollar) going through Singapore and my heart skipped a beat.

Do they pay that on packaged beer from the bottlo?

You can get beers cheaper from a 7-Eleven or supermarket but there isn’t a Dan Murphys or Liquorland to bulk buy from. I’m super fortunate that the condo we live in has a mini mart that sells Tiger cans for $4 and Little Creatures for $5. It’s the best cause beer I’ve found anywhere over here!

KFC’s “Shut up and take my money”.

If I worked in retail and heard that from a customer, they’d get more than just their change coming back to them!


When Indonesians have to be vaccinated to the Australian standard as a condition of their Australian visa, but an unvaccinated Australian resident can bring back measles from their overseas travels.


As far as I’m concerned adults who choose not to vaccinate have opted out of medicare coverage for that or any related ailments.

Had your chance and ya ■■■■■■ it.
Pay up.


Reality (not) tv shows & YouTube ‘stars’!! Get a real job!!!

My sister in law

Agreed on the Reality shows and youtubers making stuff up to post videos online.
I do watch alot of youtube videos of People are Awesome ,but how many ways can you get a basketball in the hoop ? I`m sick of it. And i look forward every month to the Aussie Dashcam compilations ,but other than that, youtube is good for how to tutorials on how to fix things . But there is alot of crap that is just click bait.

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What has your sister in law ever done to you to annoy you ?