What Annoys You More

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I have been holding back on this, so here goes…

Some of the greatest problems in the world today are:

  1. global warming caused by CO2 emissions
  2. increasing rates of diabetes and heart disease caused by lack of exercise
  3. depletion of fossil fuel reserves needed for vital industries in the future

What makes all these three things worse while performing a virtually useless task?

Farking leaf blowers.

So many knuckleheads out there with leaf blowers — instead of using brooms — just to blow leaves and various crap off their driveway and on to their neighbours’ yards. Who will then go and use their leaf blowers to blow all the crap back again, or out onto the street.

FFS just sweep it up - get the exercise, conserve energy and do the job properly.


The price of beer in this country.


Celebrity chefs.

I thought they would ■■■■ off 10 years ago.

Still here.

■■■■ off. Also ■■■■ off foodies.


I’ve got one that sucks the leaves into a large bag.
Blowers never really made sense to me.

True dat. I must make 10 fold what I earns when I had my first beer, and they seem to be more expensive now than they were back then. Plus, a heap of places in VIC don’t even serve a Pot anymore. Hate drinking pints, schooners, schmiddys etc.


My first job was at 17 y old as a barman, when beers were 10c a glass. My own daily till was over $300. I think I got paid $60/week for that.

Oh really.


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Yes, yes and farking yes. And the dust and noise pollution … Their use should be permitted only where you can demonstrate a specific need (not related to ‘efficiency’).
I have complained formally to facilities management at the uni I work for. Not interested.
I have also thought about starting a campaign about it but l wouldn’t know where to start.

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What the fk??

I’ll tell you what fkn annoys me, … :wink:

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Commercials for MKR. Almost as painful as watching that ■■■■ show


I literally have no idea who watches that trash. Bizarre.


Australia ain’t gonna cop it, no Australia’s not gonna cop it, Aussies not gonna cop it anymooooore


With you on all of that. Leaf blowers are a scourge.

The dumbest thing about the leaf blower is they just push it all into the gutters. If you saw someone sweeping all their grass clippings into the gutter, to be washed down with storm water, you’d give them a clip.

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If he brings his jurassic park world hes ok.

My first job was working in a pub when pots went from 47 cents to 50 cents, made calculating change easy in the days before electronic cash registers.

Yard work before hard rubbish day.

Also, crappy couple hundred dollar flimsy sheds.