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My efforts at derailment have so far been unsuccessful.


You know it’s gonna be one of those threads when you look at who’s replying and see this


You’ve got me. I go through 2 or 3 packs of candles a day, and that’s before we get to the sparklers. My name is henry and I have a problem…

I just can’t see how you can divest lighting things on fire from the risks of that exact fire. I can’t even see your thought process at how you get there.


my two liras worth

I think smokers should get health care.

Just as we, as a society, support others who engage in other unhealthy and dangerous behaviour – like very poor eating, addictive drugs, alcohol (yeah see prior point) etc etc.

Whether we need to adjust their level of access or cost, over time, if they do not change their behaviour may have merit to encourage change.

But leaving that aside, as a tax payer and through my life choices, my taxes go towards a whole lot of things that I do not use. But you can’t pick and choose. As a society we are in it together and with it comes the good and the bad - the swings and roundabouts.



Wim and me are actually on rolo’s payroll for bumping up adviews in the off season.


stick to training reports


I wonder what all that burning smokey stuff coming out of those millions of cars are doing for non-smokers? Did you know that not that long ago, car brakes were made in part from asbestos?


This what you call helping?! :grin:


Of course they should.


you’re saying we should stick a catalytic converter over wim’s gob??
That sounds cruel, impractical, and would make him look silly. But there must be some downsides to it?


FWIW, I’m not in favour of smoking.
I think it’s a very bad thing.
I don’t think we take the problem seriously enough, and I think the policy of gradually increasing prices of a very addictive substance that lower income people are more likely to use is really quite stupid.

I have the same view on it that I had ten years ago, which is:
Tobacco should be sold only at chemists, on prescription, in plain packaging.
It should be about ten dollars a pack. Fine, twenty. No more than that, though.
Penalties for selling or supplying tobacco to minors, or people without a prescription, should be quite severe.
Anti-smoking programmes, whether they be hypnosis or whatever method you want to try should be free in the first instance and charged after that.

We could stop smoking completely in this country if we really wanted to.
And we could do it without the obscene social impact that it currently has.

But anyway.


Yes. That is not a bad idea.
The downside would be…ahm…nah, I got nothing.


Would it make cool brrrrrm brrrrm sounds when I talk?
That sounds pretty sweet to me.


How do you feel about those incredibly profitable companies helping people to stop smoking, like, Nicodent?


It’s funny that people are so quick to blame big tobacco for e-cigs.
They want in on it!
They know their current model is, well…dying.
It’s big pharma that’s holding it back (admittedly, not very well), and no-one else.

Edit: Sorry, to answer your question, I’d ask you what their business model is.


but your avatar



Sometimes a cigar is etc.



No, I ask because I take umbrage at nicotine-patch pushers.