What are we building towards - 2023 Best 22

My thoughts…

Firsts -

B: McGrath Laverde Hind
HB: Ridley (Reid or ZThatch) Redman
Foll : Draper Shiel Stringer
C: Durham Parish Merrett
HF: Langford Jones Perkins
F: 2MP Stewart Guelfi
Bench: Martin Hobbs Caldwell Heppell

Emg: Cox, (Reid or Z Thatch) , Bryan , D’Ambrosio

Seconds -

B: D’Ambrosio Brand Lord
HB: Kelly (Reid or Z Thatch) Cox
Foll: Bryan … …
C: … … McDonagh
HF: Snelling Eyre Voss
F: Menzie Baldwin Tex
Bench: Phillips McBride … …

  • Would like to see Cox play as a back.

Trade : Devon Smith
Delist : Francis (such a wasted talent) , Cutler , Waterman , Ham, Hird
Retire : Hurley , Tippa (already)

Thoughts ?

My thoughts are that you need to be introduced to the List Build thread.


Kelly in the 2s.

Didn’t think we do these anymore. A best 22 never plays, there’s always injuries.


Cox is the one who needs a big pre season. They need to find the perfect role for him and stick him to that. I don’t believe it’s as a wingman.

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trade Devon for a slice of Stras

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My first thought is why have the ‘followers’ in the middle of the ground. Like 98pc of other team sheets they come after the full forward line.

And A Davey makes either:
A/ best 18
B/ interchange
C/ emergencies

We don’t need anymore Ham at the club

A turkey or a spud perhaps?


So no Ham!
This should appeal to prospective players of Jewish, Muslim and Seventh day Adventist backgrounds.

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D Ambrosio in the seconds I stopped reading the rest.


Handy when can kick both sides in that role opens up the ground