What are you doing tomorrow

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. I bought her and dad tickets to the Storm game. Just need to decide where to take them out for dinner before the game.

Going to work, coming home, mow the lawn, have mates around to watch the footy, get drunk, eat a bit of tucker, feed the dog and root the missus


Geez I hope your missus doesn’t say she’s hungry once you’re drunk


Maybe hold off on the turps until after you complete the last two.
Wouldn’t want any mix ups.


One Fosters flop coming up.

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Working Day 5 of 19 straight.
The one positive in that is the next 9 days are on Bribie Island.


Eagles and Falcons. It should be a cracker.

Isn’t that the other reason why beer was invented.

Playing pokemon go

I’m going to work to get paid, keep my family fed and hopefully provide on how I’ll be spending the next day.
Should come up with something

Thread title lacks ?

I started this fire dammit

Haven’t been skateboarding for a few weeks so I’ll pop down to the local bowl for a bit of a session. Looks like a good day for it.


23 degrees today. Think I’ll take a stroll through the forest, which runs along the riverbank, with the dogs.


Joe Blakes made an appearance yet?

I’m off for my restorative cup of socially acceptable chemical addiction or three shortly, followed by contributions to the swear box as I put together a bench table for the new garden shed.


Your swear box would be worth ■■■■■■■ trillions!

No Joe Blakes yet.
I think I prefer my day to yours.
Garden shed here is Darli’s domain.

Get HAP up there. Should be a few tigers around soon, so take your spear.

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Probably get Benfti as well. Bound to be a few browns too.

I am bumping this thread and looking for a cable tie to fix my bombers cap.
Cable ties fix everything.