What is this? Selection pressure!? Changes for pies

Langford, Caldwell, tippa, Cox and Jones all to come back in at some stage you’d think. Obviously not all are ready this week but selection is going to get very interesting if we make it to finals.

Francis and Waterman out for Langford and Jones would seem an obvious swap, tippa for one of Clarke, guelfi or Perkins is probably the way to go but it’s not an easy call.

Cox for who?

How am I getting like leaving Cutler in!?

What’s going on?

No changes for pies I suspect


I was under the impression Jones was out for the year, has anyone from the club said he could be back for finals if we make it? I know theres footage of him running but thats not going to put the same pressure on his foot as a match would.

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Need to watch the game again but I reckon Cox for Waterman this week. We could even play Cox as a half forward. When Langford’s back I suspect Clarke will be out. Hard to find a spot for Walla and Caldwell when they are fit.

Jones running laps on Saturday is a good sign he may make it back🤞

If he was not chance he wouldn’t be running at all.


I know, I mentioned it in my comment. He could just be running laps as part of his rehab, it doesnt mean he can run out a match without reinjuring his foot. I just havent heard anything from the club about him potentially coming back this year, it will be great if he does, means the hot spot was very minor.


If it’s not obvious then no changes should be made.

Langford for Waterman is one I’d do if available. Not sure if I’d go with Jones over Francis. Team is winning and winning well.

Cox you couldn’t argue would do any better than Durham or Cutler or whoever else is on the wing at the moment.

Caldwell is interesting. He needs to play next week vs Pies or he should be ruled out for the year. I’m not sure he’s the type of player you can blood in during a final. Shiel struggled in his first hit out back. McGrath looked a little bit offf today too. Can’t have that in a final.

Can’t say I’d have Tippa in either personally. Forward line functioned very well today. You’ve just gotta play the best team and if the team is winning I can’t see how you can make changes that wouldn’t upset the team culture… reward the hard work of those that are winning.


Tom Cutler absolutely deserves a spot in the team next week. In a critical game. To potentially put us into the finals. Think about how crazy that would have sounded at the start of the year.


Unless Walla is 100% right, we should not play him. Fwd line function well today. Walla’s recent performance meant we were playing 1 down. Walla had been a liability.


Agree. Can’t drop him based on performance.

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Mihocek given a week. Good for us if they uphold it.


In: Hooker (farewell game), Zaharakis (farewell game)
Out: Waterman,




Why are you giving farewell games to players that haven’t even announced their retirement.



Does anyone know if Caldwell played inthe Windy Hill scratch match today?
Walla has to play if fit and healthy to play.
Sheils and McGrath will take a lot from todays game; particularly, McGrath who ran off some rust in the second half.
Cox likely to come back in.
In: Walla, Cox
Out: Clarke, ? (but, not Cutler)
Sub: ?

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Langford will come back in when fit.

Walla will come back in if they think he is right.

Cox deserves to keep his spot in my opinion.

Jones is probably not going to get his spot back without an injury opening a position up.

Caldwell is no chance.

Every one of those players are best 22, but it isn’t the time of year to be rushing blokes back. You need blokes that are 100% ready to go and match fit.


Im open to farewell games when we are two games clear on top


Cox for all

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If we still need to win to get in I think changes should be

In. Cox ,walla
Out . Clarke,smith(sub)

If freo and wce have already lost then that changes our selections.

In zaka,hooker,bryan,hird,cox, walla.

Out. Clarke, smith(sub) draper, Laverde,Stewart,snelling hind( all rested)

I think only Perkins, Clarke, Culter, may be considered dropping for the pies

Players have to announce their retirement first. Embarrassing giving a farewell game to blokes that play on next year.