What lens to shoot footy matches?

So I am wondering,  what lens do the pros use to shoot footy matches?


I can't tell if it's a 400mm,  a 500mm or a 600mm.


Do any of you shutterbugs know?


If you could get your hands on one,  which one would you want?



600mm as fast as your budget will allow.

Something like 70-200mm f/2.8 for the closer up stuff and 500mm at least for the other end of the ground.


You could go mental and get this Sigma monster. Whether it's any better than what Nikon offer, I'll never know.

If Demetriou’s there, I’d used high-powered sniperscopes.

Something fast (bigger aperture) is best. It gets really gloomy quite early in winter.

A fixed 400 or 500 is fine , but close up stuff is impossible unless you like close in crops.

If I was shooting Nikon or canon, the sigma 120-300 2.8 would be really appealing. But its not in a Pentax mount so no go for me.

I have a 70-200 2.8 and a 150-500 that I use. The versatility is handy. The primes ( fixed focal length) are generally better optical quality but I simply cannot afford it.

In good lighting though, even kit lenses can give you good results. I used to use the bargain basement 75-300 kit lens and got OK results on sunny days.

There are still reasons to get the best glass you can, but with modern cameras able to deal so well with high ISO you can do it on a budget if needed.

My gear is certainly not an ideal sporting kit. But I can make it work, generally.

Dsav ( who is now doing a lot of Vfl and posts on here at times) is using a Nikon fixed 400. Lovely results, you’ll see some of his are half-body shots as the action gets closer. Expensive lens but “worth it” when light really turns to crud.

Karma is also using Nikon , I think a variable in the range of 100-400mm. A cheaper lens than the prime, but again, his results look damn good to me.

Keep in mind that pro’s are not only using the best glass, but also the best full frame bodies with the best focusing systems. With a long focal length and big apertures, you need very precise and rapid focusing.

Basically, 200mm will get what you want (if you are standing boundary wing) up towards either flank and about half way to Centre square. Beyond that, longer is preferable. Depending what you want , of course.

Thanks Sal!

If Demetriou's there, I'd used high-powered sniperscopes.

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