What round is it Blah Blah Non Essington


Anyone who supports Hawthorn tonight is a bum.

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Is FRANKLIN! even going to play tonight?

You’re a closet Hawthorn supporter, ya bum.

Hope they draw so GWS gets 4th


Hoping Hawthorn don’t lose is supporting Hawthorn. Ya bum.

Draw would be my preference.

Both clubs can ■■■■ off.

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As above ya bum.

He’s no 2MP.

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If Geeling give a ■■■■ they could break records today

And despite my hatred of the Eagles, I hope they get up over Brisbane so they prevent Collingwood or Hawthorn finishing 2nd and getting ‘home’ finals.

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Just fkg win gold coast. Would complete this round

Shame, Lorraine.

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Footscray hanging in there

Its the Franco Cozzo effect.

I’d love to see the eagles lose and therefore lose home ground advantage

Same with Sydney…farking cheats

Want a Sydee Whoreforn Draw, … and then the Flogs to lose, . to ahmm,… freo:pensive:

Oh don’t tell me Chris Isaak was voted out ?

I haven’t been in there for a while.
Surely not Blue Hotel, Wicked Game, or Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing ?


I shall barrack for your Swans tonight.
And, I hope Franklin gives them a lesson.

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