What’s doing in Melbourne on a Thursday?

I just landed to attend a soirée tomorrow evening and find myself free in Melbourne. What’s good, Mexicans?

I have a car at my disposal and I’m yarraville based.

Good old “no mates” Dingus

You could start a thread enquiring about the location of a certain Melbourne-based football team.

I’m discerning, to say the least.

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You could check if anything in the theatre district has any walk-ups.
See what’s on at Fed Square.
There’s a pinball parlour pub.
Visit Chloe.

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I would never do such a thing.

Catfish and the Bottlemen are on too.

Thought about it but it’s $75 a ticket and I remembered I don’t care for their music.


Well, obviously you go to The Hangar and stock up on merchandise and great photos.

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A comedy club is always good if your alone on business.

I couldnt recommend one in Melbourne though.

Drink an overrated coffee and eat something deconstructed?


King St has some classy establishments


Cecil st sth melbourne is much better.


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Two Birds brewery is nearby.

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Railway Hotel Yarraville is where the cool kids hang out (upstairs). The Sun theatre is a great old place to catch a movie and you can bring your beer/wine in with you.

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Zen Desk at the Forum seems popular.
I don’t know what a Zen Desk is.

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Thursday night comedy is at The European Bier Cafe on Exhibition St. They usually have at least one big name on and pretty sure it’s only $12 to get in. Ripper night out.

Dry July, my friend…


Start a protest

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There used to be a magnificent Greek restaurant near there, I ate there the night of the 2000 GF.