What to do with pick #1

Ima say we don’t waste it this time

Dont be a d*khead !

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Calm down

Harsh gurge.

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Why do you hate our Number 1 pick so much?!?!

We’ll Essington it.
For sure.
Will probably have a run in the last few months and go from pick 1 to pick 6.

Oh yeah. Rewind to 12 months ago, we were all talking about the same thing…… ie. ‘who are we gonna get with pick 1??’

Another 'Look at ME! Look at ME!" thread…


Flick it off to GWS for picks 2 and 8.

Draft an injury prone KPP.

Hopefully he gets some stress fractures in the first 2 years.

Then Hamstring


Then ankle

Can we pretend he was the right pick though?