What's gone wrong




We’ll Nev, if you think posts pushing hate on any demographic group is OK then good for you.

Some opinions are best kept to yourself.


Whats gone wrong?

Apparently its all Neelds fault

Phew glad that’s fixed

Woosha Harvey Skippy all doing fantastic jobs. Great news!


If Essendon were a political party we would know what was going wrong / there would be leaks all over the place. They are doing a great job at keeping it in-house. How long will this last?


We would be deregistered


Im not expecting to win. But… show us you actually care, don’t take any ■■■■■, back each other, get around each other when you win a contest, celebrate the successors within the game.


Not sure if serious?

The Neeld stories have been building on here for weeks. Everyone with inside links was leaking a version of the story.




True. Surely there is more going on on than just Neeld.


Lloyd’s 5 point plan to fix the Bombers. (spoiler alert: It’s not rocket science, just commonsense.)


Hurley forward?

Why didn’t we think of that :joy:

He does make some good points though.


Again the players are getting away scott free through this.

Poor rehabbing, poor on field leadership, poor strength and conditioning, poor execution of skills.

Sure there is coaching issues, but there is fundamental attitude and application issues.

There is a lack of “I am going to do my absolute best, to give myself the best chance of success this weekend”

Except Devon Smith, he is a ripper


I would like to know who has the biggest say in:
a. selection
b. playing obviously injured players.
Woosha or Neeld?
Interesting that we’ve been hypothesising Hurley has been playing injured and within hours of Neeld’s sacking, injury is confirmed.


Individually his 5 points are not rocket science, but put them together and you get the genius which is Matthew Lloyd. Brilliant strategist.


Mate, Worsfold and the board/executive cant get away scott free in this as well.

Who the hell came up with and implemented it? Why did the senior coach go with it, if he wasnt complicit in it?

Who exactly is running the show?


I have a good friend who is close to Mark Harvey and many players from his era which has given me the opportunity to share a drink or two with many of them after social functions.

Terry Daniher is the friendliest and most engaging, Simon Madden is the comedian and Mark Harvey is the deep thinker. When the conversation turns to today’s footy all are thoughtful and wise, and obviously have a deep understanding of the game and the Club they all love.

I always saw Harvey as the flamboyant rascal on the field, but he is not like that at all now. He likes careful planning and preparations, and wants to act aggressively as a game day coach. I do find it hard to understand that you would not at least listen to him in the coaching box. It has been apparent to me by his body language that he has been much more reserved this year. Hopefully with Neeld gone this will change.

I am a fan of Harves, and reckon he is a very good coach, hope he stays with the Bombers for a very long time.


Jobe was leathel and smart by his hands from stoppages. Myers just hacks it out


Interesting… I hope you are right re Harvey. One poster reckons his source/s told him MH was a “massive part of the problem”… I guess we will soon find out.


If the club rolled out the same game plan, we snuck into the 8 and got exposed in the finals, would that be better or worse than trying something different, failing, and missing out all together?


In the from the coaches videos he always comes across as someone who wants to do something yet he seems to be restrained. He was talking about playing kids weeks ago and nought has happened on this front. He looks frustrated