Whats wrong with our cluib - rant

Attn: Worsfold/line coaches, medicos, recruiting, club admin - you have failed and continue to fail to address these issues:

1, jobe leaving - you have had all pre-season to develop/recruit at least 1 big-bodied (190-195cm) midfielder eg Fyfe, Cripps, Kennedy, do you not understand modern football trends? Instead you sacrifice Zac Merrett at 178cm. what happens is his 1st 2 games he gets concussed/whiplash (in the old days a standard 1 week off). he plays in the freo game and has no effect at all. he gets tagged every week and is not big enough to cope. now we have no outside run/good balluser who was all-australian.

2 related to above zac merrett (and you havent learnt from the drugs scandal that player welfare is the most important thing at a club) we find out 7wks into the season that joey has OP and that his condition has been managed during the pre-season & into 7 rounds thus far, all the while unfairly copping criticism from the media & some fans, Are you medicos (Doc Reid) serious - young players have missed entire seasons because of OP. You rush Raz back he has no impact then he misses the next 2games.

  1. Style of play - if the players had excellent skills and confidence, you might be able to do this switching sideways/backwards stuff aka hawthorn, the more you handle the ball the more likely it is to turn it over. what is the point of hurley getting 30 possessions. Look at Rance, Davis - play him on the best opposing forward not let for example Ambrose ppickup Hawkins. Keep it simple guys, play man-on-man footy and back yourself to beat your opponent. Woosha you say we had to tighten up defence, well every 3rd qtr this yr sides are scoring at least 6goals and putting us out-of -the-picture. we as fans can see momentum shifts in games - when sides kick 3 or 4 goals in a row, do something, drop a spare back, play belly loose across halfback. be willing to change players, coach you do not make any changes. Quickest way home is straight down the ground - we have quick players who can run- mckenna, saad, tippa but not being utilised properly, look at what you did right last yr, look at richmond no change in personnel/gamestyle from last yr.

  2. player selection (recruiting)- you persist in picking langford, myers, laverde (all high draft picks but unbelievable disappointments) while hartley and mckernan are whipping boys or dont get a go, and only now you are picking young players.

  3. off-fileld - the club has 70000+ members and at games we have to put up with fan experiences would you believe, and cringeworthy competitions. get onfield success first before you do all this crap.



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