When Melbournians Go APE


It’s on my list of things to do.






Waverley got torn apart when only the mere lights failed.


It’s in the DNA.


I know he did like to tie an onion on his belt, as was the style at the time.


My memory must be slipping.


The rioters must have been mostly Pies supporters. Couldn’t have been Essendon supporters as we won the flag in 1923, led by the “Mosquito” fleet, beating the Roys by 17 points.

Now we have another Mosquito… just sayin’.


can WA just secede and diggers cut off from the main internet pipeline?


You would have been one of the first through the smashed windows at the Leviathan clothing store.


I’ve no doubt that Hats shop by Flinders St clocks got looted. Ground zero.

Definitely would’ve been there back then. All the new on trend baggy Bronx hats would’ve been snaffled straight away, then the flat caps taken by the Footscray/Port Melbourne area bogans of the time, leaving behind basically only a shelf or two of daggy old top hats worn only by old farts who were sooo last century and cigar honking Parliamentarians.