When we won our last final



2004 final series was the last when I was living in Melbourne. Of course, we know they haven’t won a finals game since I left.

But there’s more: I came back to Melbourne in the mid-1980’s after a couple of years in the USA. And we all know what happened between then and 2004…

So, what about EFC running a crowd-sourcing campaign to get me to move back?


I was living in Frankston and was taking lotsa pingers and doing lots of trawling on singles sites and still drank the occasional cask of goon and also the odd pack of Mi Goreng :flushed:


:joy::joy: what was that text effect called again? Glow?


I was 24 when we won our last final. I’m 37 now. That’s perspective for you.


Seriously people should go back & just watch Murphy’s play in 2004 - he was good & would waltz into our best 22 right now with a leg in the air. I get that he was soft (wouldn’t stand out in our current side) & had played for farkcarlton but he gave us good service & was close to the best trade Dodoro did in that decade. He was a much better player than Bullen & Haynes.


Crowd funding?
Don’t be a tight ■■■■ Albert, we all know you could well afford the move.
Get your ■■■■ back.


Mate,can’t afford it with Perth’s real estate prices floundering ever since Barnett and his Tories squandered billions in the mining boom. Maybe I should move and be a Van Dieman’s Don instead?


Well there goes my plan for us to revisit sitting in Carlton pubs and talking footy


But those bastards) burnt down that pub!


You hardly post as often as you used to mcewan2… Maturing in your old age?


That’s true, but it was more of “I can’t believe he ever played for us” sort of comment


I was in my teens… Now I’m in my 30s… What happened in my 20s???


Murphy lover…


I couldn’t figure out my username and password since the cut over to discourse … :laughing:


And I have been in and our of Schepelle … booya


LOL I Designed that logo in Paint Shop Pro. I couldn’t even afford Photoshop back then.


So all you’ve done is move house in the last 14 years?


Blitz had more features back then too!


I actually had the time and patience to learn some PHP stuff. Was kinda fun at the time. I had dialup until 2006 from memory,


Lodden Men’s Prison in Castlemaine used to have the contract to make gym equipment
for K Mart.