When we won our last final

When we won our last final, in September of 2004:

John Howard and Mark Latham were in the middle of an election campaign. Howard would go on to be elected to a 4th term in October and would serve as Prime Minister for a further three years

George W Bush would be elected to a second term as US President in November

The highest selling mobile phone was the Nokia 2600. It had a colour screen, which was revolutionary at the time, but didn’t have a camera or Bluetooth. The first iPhone would not be released for another three years

Global warming received its first ever magazine front page, in Businessweek magazine

Amy Winehouse released her debut album

Facebook has been online for 6 months but was only open to Harvard students. It would not be open to the general public for another 18 months.

Twitter would not be launched for another two years. Instagram would not be launched for another six years

I was in the middle of my university degree, living at home, dating a nice girl (or so I thought), and blissfully unaware of an impending explosive break-up which was to occur three years later. I’m now about to purchase my third house with my lovely wife and our two children, having now been in the full-time workforce for 12 years

And finally…the first series of ‘The Apprentice’ has just finished airing, and Donald Trump was one of the most popular celebrities in the world

Your turn…



I remember that day well, I was 8 years old

I am almost 22.


Putting the kids to work, I like it.

I started my law degree that year, together with my first of six years working in a telecommunications provider’s retail outlet. I am now long ago graduated and in my eighth year in the full-time workforce.




Is there any other club (apart from the suns who haven’t made finals) that has a longer drought of finals wins than us? I can’t think of one.

They’re not good houses don’t worry. Or good children.


this guy with his ‘wife’


It was richmond but then, well…

I missed the game and turned up for the semi a week later (umpired a Preliminary Final that day)

Who did we beat? Melbourne?

We did beat Melbourne in a real average game. After finishing 8th. And as I recall we also won a final from 8th the previous year. Moral of the story: we’ve been average for two years longer than we even thought


I remember back in the day, sonny…

Actually, no I don’t

I was 15. was 11 when we won our last flag

So basically, between the ages of 7-15 was the only time in my life Essendon have been any good and I pretty much can’t remember that at a young age 15 years ago

Essentially, I have no memories of Essendon being good, ever


Back when we had proper leaders and players who actually cared

A captain would would stand up in the big moments

A full forward who was all business

A coach who was pretty much finished but still wouldn’t die wondering during game day

Some legit tough players who weren’t afraid to throw their weight around

The team that took the field that day would demolish our current team


Carl Williams was still pumping out quality merchandise.



But yeah, I was 23, had just quit a sh*tty customer service job because I got my first paid acting gig, and was on my way to being a staaaa.

Good one!

Someone really should have warned him that having hard steel exercise equipment in your prison cell is a bad idea

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I was 10. My life consisted of School, Gran Turismo 3 and Tekken 4.