Where and when is Essendon training this week in the good coast?

I’ve just arrived in the gold coast. Looking to go to the trainings when possible and contribute to the training reports here on bomberblitz. If anyone has any info about when and where the trainings are please share.


hit up @aboods

I thought the Sunshine Coast was the good coast


I hope our performances improve when we move from the Bad Coast to the Good Coast.

I’m hoping for some coast to coast goals. That would be a good coast.

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Are the trainings where the learnings are?

They seem to be mixing the training up between Southport Sharks, Metricon (there are 2 training grounds there but I think Gold Coast always use the one at the back, so it would be the one at the front) and Royal Pines golf course.

I reckon the best bet is to go to The Mantra hotel at Southport Sharks home and ask someone there if they know when Essendon are training (they seem pretty generous with info). I reckon there is a good chance there will be a decent training session at one of those 3 locations from about 10am tomorrow or Friday


We are sharing a plane with St Kilda this week. They play at 7.50pm Sat Night, we play on Sun. Not sure if they are flying out to ADL on Fri or Sat?

For real? They were talking on… some news… somewhere… I honestly have no idea, but… maybe on the tv? That we are flying over there on Sunday morning, playing Sunday arvo, then flying back, as per SA covid restrictions

I can’t remember where I heard we were sharing with the Saints. But I remember thinking - thank goodness BJ is gone otherwise Carlisle would have a long flight.


All I know, is I clearly have no idea…

In Sydney next couple of days, so I’m out.

Boys flying in to SA the day before(Saturday)

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