Where are they now?

This guy?


That’s the guy!
Who is he?

Whatever happened to Jesus Christ?

Somebody nailed him


Elliott Spencer from Rollercoaster.

Great childhood memories watching that every day after school when I was a young lad. Those were the best days…

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He’s still floating around.

Three kids, wrote a book about her pa, Sunday Footy show before it died, did some fill ins and voice overs for some AFL vids.
I liked her.

The ‘little fat kid’ from Hey Dad that Arnie was gonna terminate. Anyone know what he’s up to?

EDIT - Looked him up ('cos I don’t feel like doing any work) Matthew Krok became a Mormon and engineer. Married with kids. Doing well, it seems. Good on him.

George Kapaniaris. Still doing Songs of Countdown plus other entertainment.