Where are they now?

The thread for past media personalities, past Essendon players, past AFL players, past 15 minutes of fame(rs), past sportsmen, past sportswomen, actors, actresses … you get it.

Where are they now? What are they doing? What happened? Perhaps other posters can fill in the gaps that Google can’t.

First random one from me is John Deeks. He used to be on virtually every live Channel 7 entertainment show as voiceover guy. Also the voice behind the JB HI-FI commercials. Was everywhere… then nowhere.

Also ex-Family Feud host, Rob Brough.

Doesn’t Rob Brough still do the news in Northern Queensland?
For Prime, maybe, or I might be thinking of someone different.

Rob does the news for Sunshine Coast Ch7.

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Paul Mercurio from Strictly Ballroom, disappeared from the public eye until the last Vic State elections.
He is now the MLA for Hastings.

What is an MLA?

Member of the Legislative Assembly, the lower House.

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John Deeks after quitting Ch7 ( in that photo Armytage never looked better)

He now runs his own employment through his website.

Nitro from The Shak.
The Surprise Chef.
Christie Malthouse.

Basically, all the B/C-grade Australian early 2000s TV celebs. Wonder what they are up to nowadays.


Beau Walker


Some places, like Revolva, that’s down in Melbourne, which is known as, like, a dirty nightclub, and places like that, they’ll be like, oh, Nitro!

LOL, fk me, imagine being off chops at REVS and bumping into Nitro from The Shak!


I don’t expect an answer to this one.

There was a teen or very young adult who hosted an Australian kid’s programme, early 2000s. Probably ABC.

He wore glasses.

There was a segment called, ‘Did You Know?’, and he would start each piece by saying that and a voiceover would immediately interrupt him in a very deep voice repeating ‘DID YOU KNOW…’

So of course whenever LMW asked did you know, I would do that too, and I never stopped finding it hilarious, and it drove her absolutely spare.

No idea what his name was or the name of the show, but yeah…that guy.

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This one slightly interests me as well.

Channel 10 sports newsreader, boundary rider, used to be at every red carpet event… then nothing.

Plenty of rumours about her back in the day as well. Probably all rubbish but they never went away.

This thread will not end well

I know the face and now I’m trying to find a name.

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That’s amazing.

No James Sherry was amazing and he’s still around.


My recollection is Christie got married had kids and became a homemaker.

haha, very good.

The #1 voice-over man was Pete Smith…might have just been Ch 9 though.

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I wonder what Memo from Acropolis now is up to?

Last time I saw him was about 20 years ago, and he was singing in the cover band at my work Christmas party.