Where's the team? - bye round

Wish Truck would do a video like this:


In the absence of a game this week, i thought I’d compile our best 22 for the year to date.

B: Redman - Francis - Laverde
HB: Hind - Ridley - Heppell
C: Cox - Merrett - Langford
HF: Snelling - Jones - Ham
F: Tippa - Hooker - Stringer

R: Phillips - Parish - McGrath

INT: Wright - Guelfi - Perkins - Waterman

Few notes:

  • not sold on Stewart yet
  • I have Snelling, Ham and Guelfi all ahead of Smith in the pressure forward role… says a lot about our structure/system vs talent
  • Zaka is finished for mine
  • Expected changes by the end of the year: Shiel in for McGrath, Draper in for Phillips

You can’t just not pick another defender because you’re not sold on Stewart. This isn’t the AA team.


How close have we come to playing your best 22 and did they win?

I miss bomber :cry:


Bomber miss, miss… bomber… hm.

Love bomber.

Don’t reckon he misses us too much tho!

Dons by 74.


No changes for mine.


Bye’s come at a good time for me this year. Carrying a few sore spots and a bit mentally drained after a number of close, bruising encounters over the first half of the season.

Good to get my head out of it and have some time away with the family before setting myself for the run home nice and fresh.

The remote control too will appreciate the time off and has been able to pop in to see the surgeon for a quick clean up operation. Needed his battery Springs adjusted and fresh strapping applied but should be back in full training come Tuesday and ready to face the Hawks.


I’m not sold on Stewart either, but also have doubts on Francis. Both need to toughen up. That being said, your team would be in real trouble if a tall defender was injured. There’s needs to be an extra tall for backline rotations, so Stewart comes in and Guelfi goes out to be Med. Sub. IMO that’s a better balanced “best” side to date.
How to build on that and have a better team despite recent injuries?
Smith in for McGrath, though roles are different.
Draper in for Phillips though have been happy with Phillip’s efforts.
Cox into the backline mix.
Bryan given more opportunities in Ruck/Forward role - perhaps as ones like Jones and Hooker get managed rests.
Test Cahill in a Mid/Forward role before end of season decisions are made.
The Bye Round should be a good opportunity for the coaches to totally reset the team for the 2nd half of the season and not just have sone INS and OUTS, but a time to prepare a team for the future.

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Bit rough on the injured blokes, is there a games played minimum?
Draper started off well round 1, same with Caldwell, looked encouraging. Shiel was holding his spot in the side.
mine would be

B: Redman - Stewart - Laverde
HB: Hind - Ridley - Heppell
C: Cox - Parish - Langford
HF: Snelling - Wright - Jones
F: Tippa - Hooker - Stringer

R: Draper - Merrett - McGrath

INT: Francis - Caldwell - Perkins - Shiel
Emg: Smith, Guelfi, Waterman, Ham

would be great when Reid can come in and take that Big full back role.

changes from round 1 side
In: Stewart, Perkins
Out: Cahill, Smith



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Whats worse, a day without your fave barista made coffee, or a weekend without the Bombers playing?

There’s a game over in St Ives this weekend, so maybe have a look at how the rest of the world pile on the goals against the Scomo team who still have coal mining in their outdated game plan and haven’t really embraced renewables in their attack.

stewart might not be the answer but without him or zerk we’ve looked vulnerable to talls and not got the best out of francis and Ridley. i thought we saw that pretty clearly in rd 1 and 2. The difference zerk made to the structure of the side when he came in in round 3 was huge.

regarding stewart, i thought he was sericeable versus west coast. kennedy has hurt us lot more than that previously. against richmond he made a few critical errors and gave away some pretty soft frees that he might have got away with another week. He’s certainly got some work to do on his one on one technique because he can’t be giving away 4 freekicks everyweek .

regardless having one genunine KPD sized lockdown player in the backline is necessary IMO.

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Out: Zaka

In: PVC Footy

Stewart is not getting into the KPD role as fast as we need. That role is probably the most in need of improving in our backline. Maybe Zerk is better, but he too needs more games at AFL level.
In the long term Reid is the one, but he is not getting a lot of exposure even at VFL level.

It seems pretty obvious that we need a big, strong KPD. Stewart has only played a few games there but doesn’t inspire me with confidence. If we can get Reid fit, he may be the one. It’s a lot to expect of a first year player, though.

I like this side.
I would like this side to be pretty much the template for the next two years, although with Hooker that’s probably unlikely.
Reid and Bryan to hopefully get some opportunities.
Do we need a Hurley/May/McGovern type down back?
Are Brand or Eyre that body type?
I guess I’m not sold on Stewart either.
Top ten BBM to come in next year, too.
It looks a solid team.

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