Where's the team?

When is the squad announced today for this AFL gimmick that is AFLX?

Play the kids, ffs.


Instaban for creating this thread and being interested in AFLX.


This team is gonna be a real good reflection of what the coaches think of the players. Some blitz darlings will get wheeled for this nonsense along with a bunch of other not-best 22’s.


I for one hope the club dont take it too seriously and give us a look at a few of the kids.

We should play the Grog Squad, it would create more interest for mine.


Will be announced this arvo

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You’re lucky @SMJ isn’t a mod



Out: vanilla panic merchants

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Bomb Doe Classic.

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3 things I’m looking forward to this season. Jake Stringer, JoeDan and @Bomb_Doe zingers.

Why would that be??

Zaharkis will presumably play, given he’s the captain.
Other than that, take a look at the Wednesday teams - never heard of most of them.

Against the rules having Wednesday team playing for a rival club id imagine.

Could be the selection panel they have been using in recent years id say.

Who i’d expect to see in the squad Assuming its a 18 man squad like some other teams have announced.
Zaharakis, McKenna, Long, Jerrett, Begley, Mutch, Redman, Guelfi, Clarke, Dea
Langford, McNeice, MCKernan, Draper, Houlahan, Gleeson, Brown, Zerk-Thather,

Outs - Colyer, Hurley, Stringer, Francis, Fantasia
Assume - Heppell Goddard, Hooker wont play as zakas Captain

sounds like the clubs are treating it like old practice matches - giving kids experience, and the few experienced guys leadership responsibilities.

I am the real X!!

I just hope we play the most bruise free footy seen since 2006.

I want Saad to get the ball on the opposition goal line, and run the field to kick a goal from 20m out.