Which of your senses would you prefer to lose?

Of those listed, Hearing.

But we have more than 5 senses. So of all the senses probably temperature

Nice, but wouldn’t you burn the hell out of your hands in about a week?

There’s also the alleged sense of someone looking at you. I could live without that, but I do wonder if it would make me walk straight in front of a very fast car.

That’s pain. Sensors in your spinal cord tell you to move before you burn. Temperature is more about ambient temperature.

Ah, so losing the sense of temperature wouldn’t remove the sense of pain?
I’m jumping on the bandwagon then.
I get to wear my favourite leather* jacket for the next three days!


My sense of fairness


I would say hearing, I could finally make make sense of “believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see” wait would
that mean I have another sense?!?!

As for music I have enough songs already in my head :slight_smile:

Of fear?

I’ll opt for losing my sense of smell if I have to lose one.

I lost my sense of taste some years ago for a 2-3 week period.

It was great for weight loss as it didn’t matter what I ate, there was absolutely no taste…I only ate because I knew that I had to but there was zero pleasure in doing so.

Lost my sense of shame a long time ago, along with guilt and regret. Don’t miss them.



Smell: then I’d never have to smell patchouli ever again.