Who Am I? #2

I clearly have too much time on my hands. Following on from yesterday’s cryptic quiz about current Essendon players, here’s another featuring past players.

Darren Bewick is not the answer to #10 nor #7!

  1. Journeyman frequently traded. HAWKER

  2. Radar haven in the skies. VAN DER HAAR

  3. Said to have been colourful, primarily. BLEW

  4. Petrolhead. CARMAN

  5. Meatwagon. FORDHAM

  6. A study of insanity. MADDEN

  7. Always handy. CLOSE

  8. Habitual smoker. GREENWOOD

  9. How Arsenal got him is a mystery. OLARENSHAW

  10. Sounds like a player of paltry value. DUCKWORTH

Have at it Blitzers!

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Is number 6 worsfold’s game plan?

  1. Barry young?

Not Barry Young. Clues are cryptic rather than descriptive.

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1- Giles
8- misiti

No and no.

8 - Brent Stanton

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  1. Paddy Ryder?

Neither Stanton nor Ryder correct.

  1. Vander Haar
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Van Der Haar correct - anagram of “radar haven”.

  1. Laycock?

Not Laycock but you’re in the general vicinity.

  1. Andrew Lovett?

Not Lovett but I chuckled.

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  1. Phil Carman?
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  1. Madden?
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Carman correct - Car Man.

Madden correct - Insanity = Mad + Study = Den.

  1. Russell Blew
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