Who Am I? Redux

It’s wintry, we’re still in lockdown and it’s a case of Sunday too far away.

Here’s another ten cryptic clues, each of which describes a former Essendon player.

  1. Rum rodent rejects rum. LOVETT

  2. Diesel fired him up. CUMMINGS

  3. Knew the value of a behind. BUTTSWORTH

  4. Quite the rangy type. OTWAY

  5. Hello Charlie. HEYMANSON

  6. Mick wouldn’t pick him up. MOSS

  7. Relief ruckman? LEEK

  8. Ben was all around you. FOULDS

  9. Footy was in his genes, reportedly. DENHAM

  10. A record is linked to him. EPIS


Haha! Not him.

  1. Sean Denham

10 Darren Bewick

First answer incorrect, second answer also incorrect but appropriate.

  1. Coleman?
  1. Wayne Otway
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Coleman incorrect.

Otway (Ranges) is correct and we’re away.

  1. Geoff Leek?
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Yes! A leak is always a relief.

3 wally buttsworth

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Buttsworth correct!

10 is Epis

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Epis is correct. Record = ep + is.

Well, this has all come to a grinding halt, which surprises me a little given how swiftly the previous two puzzles were solved.

It is either too difficult for even the brilliant minds of Blitz to work out or, alternatively, people have better things to do with their time and just couldn’t give a stuff.

I’ll leave it open with six of the ten cryptics still to be answered.

  1. Charlie Hay?

Not Charlie Hay. Nice to see a response, however!

Only just saw the thread

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Is 9 Hiskins?
And this is is a stretch, but is 6 Dookie McKenzie?

Both incorrect, I’m afraid.

You were sort of in the vicinity with your first answer to Q5.