Who Am I?

A bit of a diversion on this drizzly, dreary Monday. Below are cryptic clues for the names of ten Essendon players, who might be current, past or a combination thereof.

Clue: #10 is NOT Darren Bewick. Have fun!

  1. Way to look just like somebody else. STRINGER

  2. Very happy boy. GLEESON

  3. What results if luge crashes? GUELFI

  4. An average sort of player. PARISH

  5. Represents multiple members. COX

  6. Hancock’s vehicle. LANGFORD

  7. Good matchup for Zac Fisher. HOOKER

  8. A name mix-up would be dire. REID

  9. Back fell off defender. SHIEL

  10. Has the necessary tools. CARPENTER or CUTLER

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Paul Salmon??

  1. Laycock? :stuck_out_tongue:

No and no!

  1. Willie D*ck?

Close …

  1. Pocket? or maybe Full? or Centrehalf?

Looking for a player’s name.

  1. Carpenter
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  1. Guelfi

I’ll pay that as John Carpenter did play for Essendon, even though I had Tom Cutler in mind.

Guelfi correct - anagram of “if luge”.

  1. Hind. Has put the tools down to play.
  1. Langford
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Noonan correct - Lang (Hancock) + Ford (vehicle)

7: Chance Baitman


Deserving of a prize dingus, if there was any to give out.

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  1. Michael Long
  1. Gleeson?
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No … and speak for yourself!

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