Who DONT you want to play finals

This is a multiple choice poll! You can vote for more than one option!

You left out the one that would get the most votes, ie. the IDC option :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m just bitter!

Fark carlton

Seriously, all the teams with a chance to get into the finals are the teams I hate.

Would love to see Adelaide make it for lols. A team that intended to cheat, gained an advantage from cheating and were caught cheating replacing a team that had no intention of cheating, haven't been found to have cheated and haven't gained any advantage.

Hey!!! Who edited my poll?

Me. Thought I'd make it more realistic.

Given you could choose all of the above anyway it wasn't required... but I've accepted it. :)


Bring on my next thread!

This is a multiple choice poll! You can vote for more than one option!

Ok, I'll vote Carlton numerous times

i hate all other teams in the AFL, and hope they all fold. Not that I'm bitter......

Carlton and North.


WCE too but I didn't vote for them cos they would be rolled anyway.

Screw all of them.

Finals are compromised anyway,best eight sides aren’t there

I had a carton at the start of the year with a Roos supporter saying we'd finish higher, he's been all cockahoop lately that we'd be losing our points so he'd win the bet.


Now that we're 9th I really really really hope they don't make it so that I'll still win that bet.


Apart from that I couldn't care less - wish they'd just give the 5th placed side a bye first week of finals, none of those teams deserve a finals game

Just Carlton.

Any answer but Carlton is incorrect.

who cares

Whoever gets in is going to get rolled by 100+ by the Pies - who could easily have finished top 4.



I'd be quite happy for that to happen to Carlton or North. Might just be me.

Needs a "None of those ■■■■■, but least of all Carlton" option.

Fark carlton