Who is the worst premiership side of the modern era?


They were very lucky that Gerard Healy didn’t comment on how big their arms were.


Both the Dogs & Richmond benefited greatly from the fact that the best sides during the year were interstate sides who struggle to win at the G. Also we need to factor in the GWS who should be a great side (on paper) but lack any real culture let alone a winning one.

I could easily see Richmond missing the finals in 2018 if they don’t come back hungry but already the dogs have fallen apart. They missed the finals & have just lost their best forward amid claims that there are internal issues at the club. Is trading Stringer going to fix the problems? They’ve also lost Boyd & Murphy so its hard to imagine their leadership will improve. They still have some very good players no doubt & are especially strong in the midfield but unless Schache suddenly emerges I can’t see them having a forward line to get them back into the finals.

Richmond on the other hand don’t appear to be weakened & there is every reason to believe they should play finals again. Martin is a more dominant player than any in that dogs premiership side. Add in Cotchin & Rance who have had multiple top level years & I think Richmond have a better base than the dogs had.


Hawks 08


I would take Jack and rance before any Dogs KPP


Ditto, but if have Morris over Grimes. I’d probably take Rance and Astbury and rest of the backline would be dogs


I reckon Richmond are much better than most think.

But who cares, I would take any premiership for the Bombers.


Essendon 2018


How so Bacchus?

I seriously think all the gun sides were off last year and its the only reason why the Tiges dour gameplan succeeded. They will not have the talent to run with Adelaide and the Giants (who were cruelled by injuries in 2017) next year. (I’d love to add us to these 2!)

I think a number of the Tigers players played out of their skin this year as a part of a team plan (a boring plan to grind out the game and only attack when the other team allowed) and they’ll drop off into obscurity.

Good luck to Dusty carrying this side IMV.


Richmond were among the worst winners and Adelaide amongst the worst losers what a final.


Brisbane Lions 2001. They were the worst, they spoiled the party. Kents!


This. The competition in this regard is still heavily weighted towards victorian teams it’s embarassing.


I can see the Dogs coming back and being an amazing side again. Tigers are still ■■■■.


I have watched this years GF more than once.

Richmond were very good and played a much better game than the Dogs the year before. While you can argue they only have a handful of real guns, the endeavour was intense and skill level was high.

Hard to beat and low risk game plan. Winners are grinners.


Obviously Richmond. Look at the season preview thread for last year.


Agree. Hate Richmond with absolute passion but they were the best team last year and deserved the flag.

Bulldogs on the other hand had a few things fall their way + cheating umpires. They are no certainty to get back into the 8 next year



Backs B.Ellis, A.Rance, D.Grimes

HBacks B.Houli, D.Astbury, N.Vlastuin

Centre K.McIntosh, T.Cotchin, J.Townsend

HForwards K.Lambert, D.Martin, J.Caddy

Forwards D.Butler, J.Riewoldt, D.Rioli

Followers T.Nankervis, D.Prestia, S.Grigg

Interchange S.Edwards, J.Graham, N.Broad, J.Castagna

Emergencies S.Hampson, C.Ellis, J.Short



Full back J Johannisen, J Hamling, M Boyd,

Half back S Biggs, D Morris, E Wood

Centre L Hunter, M Bontempelli, L Picken

Half forward J Macrae, Z Cordy, J Stringer

Full forward T Dickson, T Boyd, C Smith

Followers J Roughead, L Dahlhaus, T Liberatore

Interchange T McLean, F Roberts, J Dunkley, C Daniel

Emergencies M Suckling, T Campbell, L Jong


No way, buddy was on fire that year and the rest of the forwardline not too shabby either. They definitely pinched that but were a very good side.

Richmond for mine.


Sydney 05


Doggies had to do what no other team has ever done, Win 4 finals, two of them interstate. That counts for plenty in my book.


Looking at that I’d pick probably 9 or 10 tigers but I can easily see how you could pick a side skewed the other way.