Who is the worst premiership side of the modern era?


an interesting discussion for a non efc board would be, would opposition supporters rate 93’s essendon gf win the same as people are rating say the dogs and richmonds one off gf wins ?

what the hell is a worst premiership side anyway, if we won a premiership this year with the same spuds richomnd did, how many of you ■■■■■ would actually give 2 ■■■■■ how little opposition rates them ?

We supposedly had the best team ever like ■■■ ever in 2000 and they could only win one ■■■■■■■ flag, so who really gives a ■■■■ if on paper some people in the outer think they are the worst permiership side.


I think it’s the first time ever i’ve liked one of your posts DKP. First paragraph especially.

What a pointless ■■■■■■ thread.
And people complain about fluffy articles on the club website. FFS!


Exactamundo!!! Refer my message about 25-ish posts ago…

I’m sure Bulldogs and Tigers fans are crying into their beers right now at the thought of being rated the “worst premiership team of the modern era”… In the Tigers’ case, I’m certain it will burn in their guts all summer long, and especially in round 1 when they unfurl the premiership flag…


You guys are missing the point and getting overly emotional. It was a selfish thread due to a conversation i had with a Richmond fan that thinks they will go back to back and that they have a much better list than the dogs. He also thinks nobody else would think they are the worst list to win a flag since 2000, so gauging public opinion without bias was interesting. Anyhow I disagree with him because i think a new an innovative game plan won them the premiership, so when the other clubs adjust and start adjusting their style to emulate that or supersede it, they’ll come back to the pack quickly. Being the worst list to win a flag means that without that ‘new’ game plan they won’t be a serious contender again. The teams with a dynasty have a great and deep list plus new game plan (ie. The hawks).
I think it proves that we get over invested in the quality of the list because the trend is going towards not the best list winning the flag but the newest and best game plan. I think we will see that happening most years now due to the level of equalization. In saying that to win the flag you need something different, that’s why I’m interested to see what we bring to the table this year. I think it’s probably even more commendable to win a flag with an ordinary list so it doesn’t take anything away from the dogs or tigers fans.
IMO the quality of the list makes you competitive and helps you to play off in finals and beat the remaining 80 percent of the competition, but the grand finalists of recent times are generally the teams with a new point of difference in their game style. The Alistair Clarkson model of ‘if isn’t broke still fix’. In saying all that I’ve got a $200 bet with the guy at work that Richmond won’t make the finals next year so hopefully I’m right.


I think this thread is fine. Nobody is forcing anyone to visit or post. Ultimately there is still several months before any football is played so why not have some different threads.


…except Adelaide won 3 of 4 finals (all interstate) in 97 and 4 finals (2 interstate) in 98

First under this finals system.


I’m pretty sure the finals system changed to it’s current format in 2001 or 2002.


Did you know if you think a thread topic is pointless and makes you angry, you can simply mute the thread and never see it again?

To answer your question however: the worst premiership side is the premiership side which is the worst. You see, you can compare teams in different years. What you do is you watch them play football and consider whether you think one is better than the other. So if you take two different teams in two different years, you can put forward an opinion on which one you think is better and by extension which one you think is worse.

I hope this has helped with your confusion.


obvious answer is the massively underachieving Essendon.

should’ve been a 3peat from 99-01


We were the Minor Premier if that Counts for Anything.

Loss to Carlton Burns in 99.
And scott brothers bashing up Hirdy sucked in 2001.


I’m pretty sure it was 2000. 1999 was under old system


Geelong by far. Exploited the rule changes when they came out to perfection, therefore winning several flags. Fark Geelong



Sure, they may have won multiple flags, but the whole team was full of smug, smarmy flogs coached by the smarmiest smug flog of them all. Fark them. The only way they couldn’t be #1 on this list is if the scum had won a flag (hahahahahahahahahaha).

■■■■ Hawthorn.


Definitley Bulldogs. We should open a thread of the best team not to win a premiership in the modern era ( besides us)


That’s easy - St Klida


Amazing people’s hatred deluding them from truth

Richmond are a pretty decent team, you don’t monster your way through the finals into a GF and then win the GF by the third quarter without having something right.


I’m sure freo enjoy their minor premiership.


WB were a pretty good team under Eades


I’d love it if the 2018 Bombers could be the worst premiership team in history…


Actually that is a good discussion point, but just ask for permission from dkp and friends before posting it to the forum please, we don’t want any ■■■■■■■■ and whining.

I actually thought the crows in the wc/syd era should have won one. Neil craig outsmarted himself though with loading training before the finals and it backfired big time.