Who stays, who goes?

That’s a relief

Or refer to the contract status thread

Yeah, and where is that?

Did I make the cut? I’ll get my coat…

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Focusing on the senior list here. And from what I can see…we have a First round pick, a Third and 3 fourths… 5 list spots to be made available…and these 5 players are whom I would move on to make room for our upcoming selections in the 2020 draft.






Mutch & Begley defiantly in the firing line…and who knows what’s up with Mckenna. but it depends on how many we plan to take in the draft for this year…& I’d rather see the above mentioned five move on other than someone from the under 23 age group…ya never know one of them might come good…

( Phillips to be placed on rookie list for S.Draper. )

If not delisted or demoted in 2020…then would be first in line for 2021 if not for dramatic improvement



D. Clarke.


J.Laverde ?

C.Hooker - retire – will be 33 in 2022…

M.Hurley - retire.

Then it gets really tough…

Would be the likes of Guelfi , Snelling, Johnson, Cahill & Zerk thatcher?..anyhow there is a lot of young kids mentioned in this group of players…rather see the young ones get the time to develop… but who else is there? Senior players in Ambrose or Stewart…? Fantasia?

Tough gig…

depends on how many picks we can take into the 2021 draft I guess…reports are that it is a strong one…maybe it’s this one were we load up on many new recruits as we can…and in 2021 have one last look at what we got.

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Everyone 27 and over

Everyone 26 and under


Sydney Swans take Joe Danaher as free agent. Get pick 2 in the national draft. Sydney can have that nightmare of Joe daniher kicking for goal, and they know how we feel when they see him miss from 30m out. Cannot take the next step to be A grade footballer he’s kicking is psychological I cannot be fix

I can understand the - delistings and the - tradings, but why is
Brandon Zerk being Thatchered
Anthony McDonald being Tipungwutied?



Look out guys, we got a Cutler lover here.


Hope you mean age and not jumper numbers :grinning: :grinning:

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I’m doing a Hooker.

That…sounded better in my head.


You forgot to put Xavier Campbell on that list. He’s the one who appointed worsfold as coach for the last 5 years. Worsfold coaching performance in The last 5 years has been a Trainwreck

Which way were you leaning?

Really hope the club has Ridley, McGrath, Saad and Langford all locked away on new deals. Has been lacking for contract news.

Sorry Tippa, you’re out.

You too Dyson.

And Dev, and Dylan Shiel. You’re both gone.

But you’re ok Tom Cutler, and you too Mitch Hibberd. Marty, Begs and Mutch, you guys can stay too.


Hold the pickles.

I’d be voted off - superfluous to requirements. We have too many mediocre posters.