Why did Phil Krakouer strike Mark Harvey in that famous clip from 86?

Ok, probably a stupid question, but I’ve always wondered why Krakouer (I think it was Phil) struck Harvey so openly when he was always going to be suspended. He must have been totally ■■■■■■ off with Harves. I know Harvey’s reputation off the field, but I never took him to be a dirty player on the field. Maybe I’m totally naive, and Harvey had been niggling him, or even hit him in a pack. I saw the clip again today on one of those highlight videos and it got me thinking about it again.

Anyone remember the game? Was there a lot of niggle on the field? Having heard a lot about Harves I wonder if he followed it up with Krakouer after the game?

I remember the game. I reckon it was Jimmy Krakouer though, not Phil.
I also remember Glendinning ironed out Billy Duckworth with what was back then a fair hip and shoulder.
But to answer your question, don’t know what was said or done to provoke Krakouer to punch him.
They kicked with a strong wind in the first quarter and were about 8 goals to nothing at quarter time. So we might of been a bit salty and said some things that Jimmy didn’t appreciate.
We lost the match and the fight.

Oh look, it took 10 seconds for a dodgy free against Essendon.


…looks like the kicking out after a point strategy hasnt changed much in 21 years…


No. Take a look at the replay: it was an elbow, no doubt about it. Dirty kant.

I was thinking about that incident recently and wondering the same thing. While Phil seemed a fairly mellow character, Jimmy Krakouer on the other hand was a pretty loose nut.

I also remember being on the flank as a kid, North had a large group of about 20 odd vocal Nannas fairly close to the fence in the windsock pocket. The type who in the 80’s, still wore that over the top 70’s blue eye shadow. I’d say nearly all of them would no longer be with us by now, therefore halving North’s fan base.

Essendon were cack that day and we all know what happened the following week…

It was Jimmy not Phil.

Mark Harvey was a very “hard” player, who dished it out whenever he could. Don’t let the baby face fool you, and he had a vocabulary that made many a sailor blush.

Next time I get the chance, I will ask him what he said to little Jimmy.

I was at the game; you didn’t need to be a lip reader to make out what Harv’s said were the words black & b.a.s.t.a.r.d & then Jimmy hit him with a great left jab - I reckon he did some boxing in his younger days.

Same game I reckon that big wuss for Norf Steve McCann hit one of our smaller blokes early in the game, & in that dust up that ensued after Jimmy snotted Harv’s, big Roger did the big evenner upper on McCann & McCann didn’t go near the ball for the rest of the match.

Thanks! They never show any more than the punch normally, so it was on the back of a brawl which makes perfect sense.

By the looks Harvey tried to tackle one of the Krakouer brothers, and may have given him one in the process. Either that or Krakouer just didn’t like the attention and gave Harvey one. Harvey subsequently looks like he got up pretty quickly as if he was going for Krakouer, so maybe it was the second option.

Funnily enough it was Phil who missed a week after this game, not Jimmy, according to the AFL Tables site. From what the commentators were saying it sounded like Harves had both brothers to content with.

I read a great story about Harvey in Paul Salmon’s autobiography, when Fish went out on the town with him. It culminated in an all-in-brawl at a pub, and Fish ended up being clipped by a bloke wearing knuckle dusters as he tried to avoid a hay maker. The bloke who clipped Fish was Harvey’s best mate apparently, which I guess sums up Harve’s lifestyle outside of football at the time :slight_smile: Bomber Thompson in his recent book describes Harve’s as dangerous.

I also read a story from the 85 grand final, when the all-in-brawl occurred, I think it was Russell Morris who was manning Harves, and he made the mistake of running into the brawl without checking where Harves was, and the next thing Harves punched him in the jaw and he almost blacked out. To this day he said his jaw still clicks.

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I think Jimmy got 6 weeks for kicking against us in 1985.

Stephen McCann soft? Never!

Hip and shoulder from Glendinning? That commentator was deluded.

I prefer the 1985 game when North were 2 goals to 1, and at half-time were down by 100 points.

John Russo was a shocking umpire and a worse commentator.

I remember that game. Late in the season at Windy Hill.

We were on track for a record score at halftime but was not to be. Those were the days when you could still take the esky into the footy, and we drank a shiteload of VB that day.

This is game is one of my ‘Essendon insider dinner party’ anecdotes.
My brother was a Seconds trainer at the club, at the time, and was asked to go and sit with Bill Duckworth, who, as we know, was knocked out by Glendinning.
As I was sitting with him at the time, I tagged along.
We sat in a corner of the medical rooms while Billy was first seen to by the doctors, then, they went back to the game and we were left alone with Billy.
First he asked who I was, then what what happened to him, and who did it. Then he asked what the score was, and what point in the game we were at.
I was happy to think Billy was probably going back on, he seemed fine.
Then he asked again what happened. Then for who did it.
Then for the score, and what point in the game we were at.
Then he asked who I was, and what was I doing there.
Then again about what happened.
Then for the score.
I was beginning to think Billy was probably done for the day.
The doctors came in back in after about 20 mins, with a woman and a kid.
They spoke to Bill, then back to the lady who stood at the door of the medical rooms.
Bill asked my brother “who’s the chick?”
That’s your wife Bill came the answer.
“yeah? we’ll who’s the kid?”
That’s your son, Bill.
Ah, f***; what happened? Who did it?

I ended up thinking Billy had brain damage and would never play again.
He played the next week in the fateful final against Fitzroy where we lost on the last kick of the game…