Why not us? LID OFF 2023

I’m on board

I don’t think my constitution could survive a 1 pt grand final win over the Scum.

Not that we are off to a good start but a decent run with injuries throughout the season could definitely see us winning a final.
Fringe players a Newbies that will be best 23 by end of year.
Alwyn Jr

Even despite the lack of experience? I think next year might be the Carlton 2022 like but we make the finals

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Selectively quoted for this thread.

The best thing about our list is several players look like they could make a massive jump this season being: Draper, Perkins, Martin (Brownlow smokey - get on it) If that happens and Setterfield fills the BBM void, Shiel has a massive #1 clearance year, Merrett and Parish have AA years again, Caldwell becomes the leagues best tagger, Wright wins the Coleman, Jones and Weideman show massive improvement in support, BZT goes full beast mode with Hayes being the second coming of Fletcher, AMT makes a Tim Watson style inspirational coming out of retirement, if all that happens then we might be on I rekon…


I really can’t see us losing a game.


The realist in me says we will probably lose one.

It will likely be the loss we needed to have in order to thrive in the GF similar to 2000.

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Where did all this confidence coming from? Did we win an intraclub warm up game?


Bit early in the year to hit the old glass bbq I reckon.


The debacle of last season, starting from that round 1 performance against the Cats, has really set my expectations this year.

I’ll be happy to see us actually ready to go at the start of the season. Rather than taking 8-9 rounds to build into it.


If we do a collingwood of last year how many on blitz would complain that we are missing out on a top 5 pick :thinking:


If McGrath wins the brownlow from the back pocket then AFL have us back in favour.

3 wishes
Beat Hawks round 1 convincingly.
Beat Pies Anzac day regardless of crap umpiring
Beat Tigers at Dreamtime and Davey and Walla being involved in plays that helped set up the victory.

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The last two back pocket Brownlow years got us two premierships (and a Brownlow).


Great list.

Also, beating FarkCarlton would be nice.

It would take a foolish, foolish poster to make any rash predictions ahead of any practice matches, let alone Round 1… especially if you are a bombers fan.
So here goes… TOP 3. (Finishing 5th after the H&A season). Pity the fool.


I want us to prioritise developing kids, not winning games.

i did make this annihilated drunk.

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The whole list is very young. Whatever teams we pick there will be development going on.

Winning games is a good way to develop them