Why we lost - Round 1 Season 2022

Having waded through multiple Threads, I thought it might be useful and save time to summarise the most frequent Blitz reasons for losing in the form of a Poll.
Please note; up to three choices only (though there is an “All of the Above” option for those who require it.
Options are roughly aligned with the frequency of the reason on Blitz over the last 12 months.

We lost this game because

  • Our mids are too small
  • Our mids won’t defend
  • Dylan Shiel
  • James Stewart
  • 2MP
  • Brayden Ham
  • Tom Cutler
  • Failed to play the kids - Hobbs, Tex, Zerk, Durham etc
  • McGrath’s poor kicking
  • Truck- coaching generally
  • Truck - failed to publicly abuse or drop players
  • Supporter’s accepting mediocrity
  • Dodoro
  • Failed to draft Oliver
  • Umpiring
  • Big Sammy Drapers Social Media
  • Heppell is cooked
  • Injury List
  • Injuries during the game
  • All of the above

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Bring in hobbs and voss

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That’s a long list of reasons!

Where’s the “Geelong were a far better side that afternoon” option?


Where’s the “we’re just ■■■■ this season” option?

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I tell you what- all those reasons are valid. There’s a reason why us fans were not looking forward to Saturday.

Also too fumbly and too much jogging/watching.

Where’s the simple “we just didnt turn up to play”


I’m always a fan of “supporters accepting mediocrity”. That one will never not be funny to me.


It is so hard to turn a losing culture into a winning one. We’re like Richmond of 1983-2016. We have got all the assistant coaches, perfect training facilities, multiple first found draft picks, but can’t get over the hump. I think that’s purely on the players losing culture. It starts with Heppell - he is way too positive as a leader. We don’t have any players on our list who have an intent to hurt the opposition physically. Maybe Laverde and Walla when he’s fit but that’s about it. Good teams have 8-10 of those. Drafting Hobbs was a mistake - we need either big mid’s, quality small forwards or wingmen, not more mid’s under six foot.

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i blame pazza

This a pretty stupid thread.


I need pizza

We might need a “boys are too busy doing insta posts of paid Telstra partnerships” option too.

The effort and commitment wasn’t there. Everything else flowed on from there


Where’s the @Paul_Peos’ Blitz posts option?

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If I hadn’t run out of 20 options then that, plus “Didn’t follow DarkknightPhoenix’s suggestions” would’ve been right in the running for inclusion.


Fk me, I saw that and just thought you can’t be serious. Read the room Dylan ffs

This was based, roughly, on reasons I’ve seen on Blitz post game.
Unfortunately your logical option was not something Blitz seemed to consider.


There does not appear to be a Rish & Rath podcast option?

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