Wim’s annual whingefest about the top 100 most popular unpopular songs

Made the mistake of clicking on the link of the song that made no.1. Absolute ■■■■.


Ummmm, … well, yyyyeeesssss?

Is this an alternative fact thing?

If you think it’s shitt, … it would then stand to reason that to you … it’s shitt.

I bet there’s some that you do too, … right? I don’t understand the confusion here.

One of the best years for Australian artists and so much whinging about how its not the alt-rock psychedelic metal that i grew up with from bloomer types.

Hey. There’s plenty of you guys to make it happen. You don’t need us to like your stuff.

In fact, if we did, … you guys deliberately wouldn’t. :wink:

Good to hear there’s plenty of Aussies in/up there though. I hope you & your mates are BUYING the music & shelling out for shows, & get the fk out there & enjoy & support it,. … just like we did ours.

But we will still think most of it is shitt.

Just like my dad did most of mine, and your kidz more than likely will yours.

Oh, and it’s not whinging, … it’s lamenting the passing of good times.

Aaaand passing judgement on the winner as you see it, & should feel fit to see it, & say it.

Opinions mate … everyone’s got 'em … meh!

And I clearly didn’t listen to it, but if this comment on the site is anywhere near a realistic take on it…

Dave • 6 hours ago
Surely covers and songs built on samples should be ineligible? That leaves like 3 songs. So depressing :frowning:

Then my reasons for not doing so have been validated.

“We”, don’t like such stuff.

They're playing the 96 Hottest 100 on Saturday. God that was a great year. This year I didn't tune in. Gotta accept that I'm old now.

It’s kind of funny imagining hearing this in 1997.
■■■, at least they’re playing the 1976 hot hundred on Saturday.

Made the mistake of clicking on the link of the song that made no.1. Absolute ■■■■.


Hey Barnz, … how about this though …


I think you can see where I’m going with this …


Our forward line is objectively good. All those high scores we’ve got. That Coleman medalist we’ve got.

That coach we’ve got that kept him & sings his praises, as do all the coach staff, and players.

That wooden spoon side we had, the insanely perfect fwd entries, that great Full fwd who kicks straight as an arrow all the time.

I see what you’re saying, … objectivity. Got it.

(Way to dodge the point though btw… Mastery there that belies your years.)

Even when we made finals it was off the back of our defenders.

Made the mistake of clicking on the link of the song that made no.1. Absolute ■■■■.


Well yeah, most definitely.

Glad you agree :slight_smile:

So Bey is Triple J approved, but Tay isn't?

Ahh, That’s who it was the Swift girl.

Took a while to decipher what you were on about.

The Tay Swift thing would’ve worked if it wasn’t such a public trolling

Hottest 100 was once like the annual rock/Alternative chart, but for the past 5 or more, seems to have become not much more than a Top o' the Pops thing.
I, for one, am absolutely flabbergasted that popular music won a popular music poll.


Must be a young’n.

I agree with Barnz.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but a balanced opinion would be “l listened to the number 1 song on triple j and l didn’t like it. Not my thing.”
And when you have to click on the link to know what the number 1 song sounds like, its pretty obvious you haven’t spent much time listening to the station holding the poll so the chances you wouldn’t like it were pretty high.

I think what is being bemoaned here, is that it now just basically mainstream, whereas the station started out as an alternative to that. That was the idea.

Now, the fact is, I personally think it’s a positive thing that JJJ has stripped a larger %age of our youth from commercial stations, and there is now many more kidz listening & hearing people like Dr Karl, and programs like Hack, as well as all the other issues discussed on there, and not least of all, an independent youth orientated news source.

It’s good, … very good. And, as stated, this Music, (I personally don’t think a lot of it actually qualifies under that banner BTW), is not ours, but it’s not a station for us anymore.

So I think the answer is, that the ABC need another new station.

One that is what JJJ started out as, and it can run it alongside the now mainstreamish JJJ.

Anyone who remembers RockArena starting up as the panacea to CountDown will get the concept.

Then it could have it’s own hot 100, … after all, it is the age of Alternative everything, … right?

Edit: In fact, what am I talking about, it’s basically already virtually happened, just not on the FM band.

To wit:

(or To wiki)

Double J is aimed at over-30s, including an audience perhaps graduated from the ABC Youth & sister radio station, Triple J. It plays multiple genres of music, emphasizing genres and artists that get little airtime on commercial radio in Australia, including pop, rock, blues, country, soul, jazz and world music. Currently it is mostly automated,[6] but has a few regular live programs.

Our forward line is objectively good. All those high scores we've got. That Coleman medalist we've got.

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