Wim’s annual whingefest about the top 100 most popular unpopular songs

I think what is being bemoaned here, is that it now just basically mainstream, whereas the station started out as an alternative to that. That was the idea.

Now, the fact is, I personally think it’s a positive thing that JJJ has stripped a larger %age of our youth from commercial stations, and there is now many more kidz listening & hearing people like Dr Karl, and programs like Hack, as well as all the other issues discussed on there, and not least of all, an independent youth orientated news source.

It’s good, … very good. And, as stated, this Music, (I personally don’t think a lot of it actually qualifies under that banner BTW), is not ours, but it’s not a station for us anymore.

So I think the answer is, that the ABC need another new station.

One that is what JJJ started out as, and it can run it alongside the now mainstreamish JJJ.

Anyone who remembers RockArena starting up as the panacea to CountDown will get the concept.

Then it could have it’s own hot 100, … after all, it is the age of Alternative everything, … right?

Edit: In fact, what am I talking about, it’s basically already virtually happened, just not on the FM band.

To wit:

(or To wiki)

Double J is aimed at over-30s, including an audience perhaps graduated from the ABC Youth & sister radio station, Triple J. It plays multiple genres of music, emphasizing genres and artists that get little airtime on commercial radio in Australia, including pop, rock, blues, country, soul, jazz and world music. Currently it is mostly automated,[6] but has a few regular live programs.

Here, here.

BSD it still is that. But commercial stations now just pay more attention to what is popular on that station and songs/artists cross over. So some artists are on JJJ and commercial stations, but JJJ was playing them weeks/months/years ago.

Some dude created a logging tool thingo (just spent 15min trying to find it, but apparently it doesn’t work anymore) that counts the number of unique songs each station plays on a per-month basis. Turns out Triple M only had marginally less than Triple J. It also had waaaaaay more songs in common with Triple J’s playlist than Nova/Fox/others. So yeah, rock ain’t dead.

That old jjj ain’t what it used to be argument has been going on for 25 years. They mustn’t have been what they used to be for very long.
Wasn’t the first song played on jj a skyhooks song. Hardly an alternative starting point and yes l know they played it because it was banned and it was Australian when Aussie bands weren’t getting enough mainstream airplay. I’ve always considered it to be more middle ground than mainstream or alternative, with a focus on giving young Australian bands more acess to airplay.

As government funding increased they still needed to justify the expenditure and to do that they needed to maintain at least a certain level of audience which they discovered a long time ago needed to be closer to the middle. Rightly or wrongly.

So all the arguments are valid. They aren’t what they originally intended to be, but they haven’t been for a very long time. But they do play young australian bands and my nephews band has benefitted from that. So anything that gives young aussie musicians access to airplay is something i’ll support.

Nothing will ever top "Pretty fly for a white guy" winning.

First number 1 in Triple J history beats that one easily.

BSD - this is not a song about me or my beliefs.

Nothing will ever top "Pretty fly for a white guy" winning.

I’m gonna assume sarcasm here, cos that song is farkn rubbish

One man’s rubbish is another man’s ■■■■.

I don’t listen to any music radio stations actually.
That dosnt necessarily mean if I happen to hear a song from the radio I automatically won’t like it.
Maybe if I did listen more often I would be conditioned into liking the songs they play. Who knows.