Windy Hill Training Memories No. 1

I thought it might be interesting to look back at who was at the club and how we trained in the past to keep the memory of Windy Hill alive although today's report begins with the pre season time trial at Princess Park, a long and honorable tradition.




Training began today for the senior players with the time trial at Princess Park supervised by GOD and the fitness staff (minus Quinn)


Eight players took part and recorded the following times over 3.2 kms:


1. Jason Johnson 10.50 (5 seconds outside his best)


2. Heffernan  11.07


3. Bolton  11.10


4. Mark Johnson  11.25


5.  Lloyd  11.29


6. (GOD)  11.50


7.  Comporeale  11.52 (sporting a crew cut)


8.  McVeigh  12.14  (was blowing a bit at the end)


9.  Scott Lucas  -  finished about two minutes after the others.


n.b. Gary O'Donnell 41 year old assistant coach beat two of our midfielders home!


       Bolts didn't win for once.


The first training session I went to was probably the one before Mark Harvey’s last game (he was my favourite player). He hadn’t gone to Brisbane the week before and trained in sneakers rather than boots on this Thursday.

I was beaten to talking to him afterwards by a fan with a box of chocolates. He promised not to eat them till after the game.

He then assured me he would play, and ultimately had a big third quarter as we ran over the to-be premiers Adelaide in an otherwise ugly year.

And if you haven’t seen the lap of honour he did after that, find it and do so. It was insane (“JOHNATHAN”, for you original Rollerball fans) and Seven replayed it all, which just never happened back when they had 90 minutes to cover the entire day.