Winis Imbi

Papua New Guinea player who was on our rookie list around 1999-2000, now aged 39, is playing with Port Fairy this season.

Billie Smedts coaching North Warrnambool Eagles.


is he large and terrifying

Really nice bloke too. He grew up in Portland.

Winis taught PE at my high school and his dad was the lollipop man at the children’s crossing outside my primary school.


I wrote him when I was younger. I still have the letter he sent back somewhere, I think it was his first fan mail :laughing:


Didn’t he used to play for Portland just after he retired? And I have a feeling he had a brother? I used to play for the Hamilton Imperials and remember watching them.

Geez, you killed a lot of careers.

Also, “wrote him”? Pls.


Yeah that’s right. James I think is his bro, but he’s a fair bit younger than myself.

“Pls.”? Please.

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Why didn’t he make it? Always looked great in the ressies.


I’ve seen a few “moms” sneaking in also.

His brother James is the one playing with Port Fairy. Solid mid/HBF. I heard Winis was at the club. I’ll ask around tomorrow morning. I usually see the seconds coach at coffee in the morning.

Doesn’t surprise Winis was one solid unit…

Winis won the reserves best and fairest in 1998, but the consensus (or Sheedy’s) was he was too small to make it.

I think he had a crack at North as well.

I believe Winis is assistant coach to Dan Nicholson.