Winter Olympics - trying to not die





I like how…


Dunno. But I do know the lot after this games had about 2 countries bid for it. It’s going to be in Beijing, elevation 44m, which doesn’t tend to get much snow at all. The hill where they’re doing the luge and stuff doesn’t get much either, the main ski events are in a resort a few hours away which borders the Gobi desert.

It has become hugely uneconomical for established ski resorts, because the IOC basically demand all the facilities be built from scratch. The Euro countries, yanks and canadians don’t want a bar of it.


Koreans love a drink.


I thought the craziest ■■■■■■■ was that Tongan in the Opening Ceremony going topless given the temperatures…just outpointing the Bermudans in their Bermuda shorts!


I was surprised to hear below zero temperatures at the winter Olympics…


I love watching the winter Olympics just because it’s a chance to watch sports I’d never usually watch, and the skill AAGGH FK FIGURE SKATING TURN IT OFF


We visited the The Ōkurayama Ski Jump Stadium in Sapporo Japan a few weeks ago and let me assure those who have never been to the top of a ski ramp, it is as frightening up there as it is down at the bottom. You’d have to be mental to do that sport.


To me it seems as interesting as the X Games…Not interesting at all. Yes much of it is death defying but I just don’t care for it. I loved ice skating that one time I did it when I was about 15.

I do accept that most if not all of the sports in the WO’s require immense dedication and ability but it does zero for me. Same with golf, I have a hit very occasionally but it is not something I care about and I consider it a very lucrative hobby at the top level.

Put it this way if I was told my 5yo would either get drafted to the Bombers or represent Australia at the Winter Olympics or X Games I know what I would prefer.


Yeah but that’s an obvious comparison. If I was told my son would either be the Secretary General of the United Nations or get drafted to the Bombers I know which I would prefer too


I honestly dont know which I would prefer for my hypothetical kid.


Maybe you should go and post on UnitedNationsBlitz


Suggestion: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Synchronised Swimming and Figure Skating all compete together in a separate Olympics.


The Canadians had to in 2010. Not sure how that is them not a bar of it.

In general each Olympics is getting to s stage where only 1-2 countries will bid for it. The bidding process is ■■■■■■■ expensive and then the cost of hosting them is even more restrictive.


Hockey, figure skating, and speed skating don’t even require it to be winter.

add them to the list as well.


Welcome to United Nations - South Sudan


Maybe it’s just his face but Hamish’s constant use of the word “ladies” instead of “women” when referring to female events, comes across as patronising.


Dirk Nannes commentating on the the moguls.! What can’t he do?


The one thing that I can never get my head around is with some of the skiing events doing an ACL is like a 3 week hammy injury in footy. I agree with the thread title, just remaining in one piece is a decent achievement. Winning a medal is a bonus…


The ACL stops anterior translation of the tibia relative to the femur (in layman’s terms it stops the shin bone travelling forwards excessively).
A big enough brace and you can replicate it reasonably well (at the expense of mobility obviously).
The hamstrings (and to a lesser degree a couple of other muscles) also help limit anterior translation so if you’ve got strong hammies that can also help.
I actually play footy with a guy that has no ACL in one knee. He’s fine with everything except pushing off sideways with that leg, but even that’s just limited rather than non-existant.