Winter Olympics - trying to not die

I just found out this is on.

I never have any FI what’s going on but I love it. I know I’ll be in the minority here but it’s much better to watch as a casual viewer than the Summer Olympics, or most other major sporting events. Watch people splashing up and down a pool? So boring - fark that. At the Winter Olympics the competitors could literally die in almost every single event.

And this year has the additional intrigue that Kim could drop a nuke right on the bobsled course at any moment.


Yep the competitors are certifiably insane, in all disciplines. It’s amazing to watch.

I watched the Mogul skiing earlier. That’s the one where they go straight down a mountain filled with huge snow mounds, letting their knees bounce up and down like pogo sticks. And let’s throw in a few jumps as well. First to the bottom without dying wins.

One of the competitors ruptured his ACL in training two months ago. So he’s competing WITHOUT AN ACL in one knee. Just chuck a bandaid on it and it’ll be fine.

Insane I tells ya. I can’t look away.


Curling is awesome.

I also don’t mind the concept of the one that combines cross-country skiing with shooting

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That’s Biathlon I believe

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Ski Jump,… Luge, Skeleton, Bobsled, Moguls, Slalom … and especially Snowboarding. … fking awesome!!

Whats not to like?


Speed skating is great.

Thought the Aussie cleaned up 2 others off the track then.
Far more exciting than swimming or whatever

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It’s the traditional Aussie speed skating method


I thought we just sit in last and wait for the others to crash?

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That guy was just a little more offensive with his strategy

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Yeah. We worked out it’s a good strategy, … but then thought,…“Why just wait, … when you can create?”


I’ve always thought it would be much more interesting if you were allowed to shoot your fellow competitors paintball style rather than the targets.


Luge is on now, 130kph lying down.

Crazy awesome

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Luge. Always remember Roy and HG calling it.
Pat pat pat pat pat into the do nothing


Wish they were still on


We actually have an Aussie Luger this time.

And he is from Townsville

The mecca of luge



Luge central, Townesville …


Didn’t they try and start a campaign to get the Winter Olympics to Smiggen Holes or something?


Nice run from the Aussie

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That Aussie speed skater seems like a good lad

I likehoe the Koreans seem fully into it. Big crowds.

Not a bad mob. Love beer, bbq,ping pong and turn up for sports.

The luge is nuts