WOB's Gibb River Road Charity Postie Bike Ride

Gday all. I have been given permission to post this here, so here goes.

Next year, i am doing a charity ride on a Postie bike along the notorious gibb river road from Broome to kununurra. The trip takes 8 days and i will travel over 800kms in extreme conditions and be pushed to the limit, but its something im pretty passionate on doing

The ride is organised by bright blue and its aimed at raising money and awareness for sick kids. This is something close to my heart and i want to make a difference. Im currently aiming to raise $5000

I will be holding fundraisers, raffles etc along the way, but i thought id reach out to the blitz community as a start for anything you may be able to donate. As small or as big as you like. Anything is welcomed. It’s for a fantastic cause so i really do i can get a bit of support behind me

I will update this thread along the way with my progress and when i undertake the ride

Please click on the following link to donate and hit the “give now” button

Im not sure how to embed pics but heres a link of the poster if someone could :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the blockout WOB.

If any of you get someone to drop 500, il get bomberblitz.com tattooed on me

Mutley is gonna be ■■■■■■!

That pic …

Yeah i know haha it just uploaded my profile pic! Thats mutleys best mate though lol

Theres enough people on here to get $1000 i reckon.

If you donate and your from blitz, make sure you leave in the comments your username so i can keep a blitz tally. Thanks to @TrevorBix and @“miss ellie” so far. Legends!

If i get 1k, il get a essendon guernsey made, with bomberblitz.com on the back, and the number will be the anount of people who donated. and il wear it for 2 legs of the trip

Here is a video of last years ride and it will give you a idea of what its all about

@Riolio @saladin can we pin this for a while please?



150 odd from blitz today in just a few hours. Great effort! Thank you to those who have, it means heaps. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Done. Hope it goes well for you wob!

Postie bikes - sheesh…

Done. Good on you wob - great cause mate.

I thought you’d be on an old postie’s push bike.

Thanks to all who have donated so far. I really appreciate it

For those who havent, even if its 5 bucks, every cent counts for these kids. :slight_smile:

I’m a bit slow off the mark WOB, will you be on a posty bike? Had a quick look at the video, looks like it which would be pretty awesome.

Just noticed that the comments I have made in 2 pinned threads (this one and the Nobby Clarke Medal) don’t come up on the “Recent Discussions on Bomberblitz”.

Is that meant to happen? I usually find things in the recent discussions not in categories.

Donated, good job WOB.

Go Bombers!